How to recover my password

How to recover my password. Many people have found themselves in the situation of not remembering the password for a specific account or in other cases they have been victims of hacking and have lost their password, which is why many wonder how to recover my password, which in some cases is certainly easy, cases that will be explained below.

How to recover Hotmail password

Hotmail email is a widely used oneTo recover the password, simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Hotmail page.
  2. Write your email and password, when entering a wrong password the option to recover it will appear below the access panel.
  3. Next, the user must select the way in which they will recover their password, this can be by means of verification by phone or with the use of the alternative email that they entered when creating their account.
  4. Then you just have to follow the instructions given whatever way you chose.

How to recover Google password

Google accounts are very important, being that with a single account you can access the vast amount of service that Google has, therefore recovering the Google password is essential, to do this you can follow these steps:

  1. Access Google and enter the Google account login.
  2. Under the access panel you will have to locate and click on "More options" and here you must select the option "Forgot your google account?" or in some cases it is presented as "Have you forgotten your email?"
  3. After this, you will have to give the information that Google requests, this would be all the original information that was used at the time of creating the account.
  4. Finally, you must follow the instructions given by Google in order to recover the password.
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How to recover Gmail password

Gmail email is the most used email service todayTherefore, if the user has lost their google password, recovering it is essential. It should be noted that if you followed the steps mentioned above to recover your Google account, you would have recovered your Gmail password.

How to recover Instagram password

Instagram is a social network that is based on the fact of sharing Photos, stories and videos. Certainly Instagram is part of the applications used on a daily basis by mobile device users, so if for some reason the password has been lost, you should only follow these steps in order to recover your password:

  1. Enter the Instagram access.
  2. Now there will be 3 different ways to recover the Instagram password, these are: With email, Through SMS and with Facebook account.
  3. To recover with Email, simply enter the user ID followed by the account email, then you will receive an email from Instagram with the instructions to recover the password.
  4. To recover via SMS, you will have to enter the phone number associated with the Instagram account, which will cause Instagram to send a text message to that number with the link to reset the password.
  5. To recover through Facebook, you will only have to select this option and log in with Facebook, which will redirect to the password change and verification panel.

How to recover Facebook password

Facebook is the largest and most used social network todayIts use is massively large, it ranges from simple entertainment to informative or advertising.

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Moreover if the user has lost their password You will not be able to enjoy this social network, which is undoubtedly quite frustrating, so we will explain how recover your Facebook password following a few simple steps:

  1. First you have to enter the Facebook page.
  2. Then under where the password is placed, locate and click on "Forgot your account?"
  3. Once inside there will be two options to recover the Facebook password: Through email or through text message.
  4. To recover using email, you just have to enter the email that was used to create the Facebook account and you will receive an email with the instructions to reset the password.
  5. To recover using text message, you will have to enter the number associated with the Facebook account so that the user will be sent a message with the link to reset the password.

How to recover Windows 8 password

Many users after not using their computer for a while, either because they were traveling or simply due to lack of time They forget their password to log into Windows 8.

If you do not remember your password, do not worry, since recovering Windows 8 password is quite easy and you can do it in the following way:

  1. Restarting the computer and starting in safe mode, this can be done by restarting the computer and pressing the F8 button during startup until the operating system boot menu appears.
  2. Here you will have to select the option to start in safe mode and start as administrator.
  3. Once inside, you will have to go to the control panel where you can delete and change the password for the Windows 8 account.
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How to recover password

Forgetting passwords is a problem that happens very oftenAlthough it has already been explained how to recover passwords in the most used services, there are still services out there, however the way to recover the password is almost the same for all the different services, being that the linked email or phone number linked to the account will always be requested to send the links to reset the passwords.