How to recover Wifi

How to recover Wifi. Wifi is the technology capable of distributing the internet in the home, company or community in a wireless way, through a wireless router that sends the signal and routers or wireless network cards that receive it. Nowadays this is the technology to distribute the most used internet around the world, however this advantage is something of a double edge, being that if the main router fails, all the people connected to it will be deprived of internet access, for this reason it is necessary to know how to recover the Wifi in order to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

The causes that do not allow the correct functioning of the Wifi may be different, in order to recover the Wifi we must first to know the factor that interferes with the correct behavior of the Wi-Fi in order to proceed to fix it.

A series of cases and their possible settlement will be presented below:

  • Physical problems with the main router: This case revolves around physical damage to the main wiring or to the router as such, in order to fix this we must first check if the cables are in good condition, see possible fractures in the external cable and check if the router has no bumps or is damaged. has dropped a lot before.

In case the cables are broken, you can tie the cables using adhesive tape, it is best to buy a new cable and install it.

On the other hand, if damage to the router is presumed, you can open it and look for broken components and see if they can be fixed, otherwise you would proceed to buy a new router and install it.

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If you cannot find the physical problem with the router or main cabling yourself, it is best to contact a technician.

  • Factors that alter the signal strength: In some cases physical factors can interfere with the signal strength, causing users a little far from the central router to lose Wi-Fi continuously or in the worst case, stop receiving the Wi-Fi signal altogether.

To fix this, you have to study the place well, see possible new remodeling of the infrastructure or large objects that may interfere with the signal strength, once they are found, you can proceed to solve the problem by changing the location of some objects or changing the infrastructure as such.

On the other hand, some electronic objects can interfere with the signal strength.

There are accessories that can increase the signal emission radius of the main router as well as improve the ability to receive signal from the network card of our computer.

If you cannot find the problem in any way, it is best to go to specialized technicians, which will help you solve the problem by applying the necessary techniques or will tell you if any component of your network has been damaged and you must obtain a new one to continue using your Wi-Fi network successfully.