How to register in Viber from an Android mobile phone, an iPhone and a PC

How to register in Viber from an Android mobile phone, an iPhone and a PC

Registering an account is a primary task to access the functions of any online service. In the following material, we will consider how to create an account on Viber, one of the most popular messaging systems today through the Global Network.

In fact, the creators of Viber have made the process of registering a new member of the service as simple as possible. Regardless of the device on which the user intends to use the messenger, all they have to do to become a member of the information exchange system is to have a working mobile phone number and a few taps on the mobile phone screen or clicks in the Viber application window for computer.

Viber registration options

The specific actions involving the creation of a Viber account and the activation of the client application as a result of its execution, as well as the procedure for its implementation are almost identical on mobile operating systems and slightly different for the desktop version of the messenger. .

Option 1: Android

Viber for Android It is characterized by having the largest audience among the variants of messaging client applications for various platforms. Before registering for the service, the user must install the program on his device. To do this, follow the recommendations in the material at the following link, and then proceed to the execution of the instruction, assuming that as a result of its execution the user will gain access to all functions of the considered information exchange service.

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  1. The first phone screen that appears before the user's eyes after installing and launching Viber for Android is "Welcome".. Let's take a look at "Viber Policies and Conditions".by tapping on the corresponding link, and then go back to the welcome screen and tap "Keep going"..
  2. On the next screen, you need to select the country and enter the phone number that will be used as a member identifier for the Viber service in the future. As for the country, you need to choose not the place of immediate residence, but the state in which the service provider is registered and provides its services.

    Important: The SIM card with the number used to register in the messenger does not necessarily have to be installed in the device on which the Viber client application is installed and run, but the mobile identifier must be functional, available and on the phone enabled.

    After selecting the country and entering the phone number, making sure the information is correct, press "Keep going".and then confirm with the button "Yes". request received.

  3. Wait for an SMS with the authorization code, then enter the 6-digit combination in the corresponding field. After entering the last digit of the code, the Viber account will be verified automatically and if the verification result is positive, the Viber account will be activated. If the SMS with an activation code does not arrive for more than three minutes, but You can be sure that the short message service is working normally on your phone (that is, other SMS messages arrive and are sent without problems), try receiving the combination again: press Send again. and wait a few more minutes. In case of no results, follow the next point of this instruction.
  4. Optional. If you can't get the code to activate Viber via SMS, you can find out by requesting a phone call, which will be made by a specialized robot that works within the service. Press "REQUEST A CALL". on the screen "Account activation".. Next, make sure the phone number provided is correct, select the language in which the calling robot will announce the secret combination. If you are not sure if you can memorize the received data, prepare a piece of paper and a pen to record the information. Press the button «Get code».

    If at this stage it turns out that the error preventing you from obtaining the activation code is still in an incorrectly entered user's phone number, press "This is not my number"Close Viber and repeat the registration procedure from the beginning.

    In a few minutes, you will receive an incoming call on the specified number. Lift the handset and memorize / record the digit combination, then enter the information in the field to enter the activation code.

  5. This completes the Viber registration. Now you can go on to personalize your account and use all the messenger functions.

Option 2: iOS

If you plan to use the version of Viber for iOS, registering an account in the messenger is done in the same way as in the Android client. The only difference is the design of the application interface, but the differences are almost imperceptible. Before proceeding to the following instructions, install Viber on your iPhone and launch the messenger.

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  1. On the Viber welcome screen, tap "Keep going".When messaging access requests appear to various iOS components ("Contacts"., "Microphone"., "Camera".) provide the application with this function by pressing "Allow".Otherwise, you may experience some limitation in functionality when you continue to use Vibere.
  2. The next screen offers the opportunity to select the country in which the service provider is registered and enter the phone number that will serve as an identifier in the Viber service. Enter the information, check if it is correct, and press "Continue".and then "Yes". in the query box.
  3. Wait to receive an SMS message with the activation code and enter the digit combination on the virtual keyboard.

    If the SIM card with the number specified in step 2 of the instructions is installed in the iPhone used for registration, there is no need to enter anything, Viber will automatically receive the necessary information, verify it and activate it.

    In a situation where activation through the code from the SMS is impossible, that is, the message does not arrive for a long time (more than 3 minutes), press "Request a call".Check that the phone number entered is correct and press «Get code».

    It then waits for an incoming call, answers, listens, and remembers the digit combination dictated by the robot. Then enter the activation code received from the voice message in the corresponding field.

  4. After completing the previous step (entering the last digit of the code or automatic verification), the creation of an account on the Viber service is complete. You can personalize your account by adding a photo and specifying a nickname visible to other participants in the system, and then use all the functions of the popular messenger.

Option 3: Windows.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to register a new messaging account with Viber for PC, you can only activate an existing account on desktop to share it with a mobile phone or tablet. This situation occurs due to the non-autonomous nature of the Windows version of the client application. In fact, the messaging variant for PC is nothing more than a "mirror" of the mobile version and cannot work separately from the latter.

For more information on installing the Viber client in Windows environment, even in the situation where there is no mobile device running Android or iOS, it can be obtained by going to the material in the link below.

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In general, to register Viber for Windows and link the application to your account, install the application by following the recommendations in the article suggested in the link above and follow the steps below.

  1. Start the program and confirm the presence of the messenger installed on the mobile device by pressing "Yes"..
  2. Specify the country in which the Viber ID phone number is registered and enter it in the corresponding field, then click "Continue"..
  3. Scan the QR code that appears in the window that opens with your Android or iPhone mobile phone.
    To access the scanner on your mobile device, you need to have messenger running and open on it.
  4. After scanning the QR code, an almost instant verification occurs and a window appears saying that it has been successful: "Done!".
    In fact, everything is ready to use the capabilities of the messenger c PC, click the button "Open Viber."!

As we can see, when registering a new user as a member of the Viber service, there should not be any special difficulties. The procedure is almost fully automated and all that is required from the user is a working phone number and a few minutes of time.

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