Connect a PS4 to a laptop via HDMI

Connect a PS4 to a laptop via HDMI

Now the PS4 game console is not only the most powerful, but also leads the market, gradually displacing all competitors. For her every year a ton of exclusives are released, which only fuels user interest and literally forces players to buy the PS4 just to play their desired game. However, not everyone has a good TV or monitor to connect the console to, so it only remains to connect it to the laptop. How to do it through HDMI, we will tell in this article.

Connect the PS4 to a laptop via HDMI

To connect your decoder in this way, you will not need to buy any special equipment, and you will also save money on the purchase of a television by replacing it with a laptop screen. All you need is a single cable or adapter.

Before starting the connection process, we recommend that you make sure that your laptop is equipped with a connector HDMI input (signal reception), no HDMI output (signal output), like most older laptops. Only if the first type of connector is present, the connection will be successful. Modern devices are now at the disposal of many users, especially often equipped with the version En gaming laptops.

Step 1: Select an HDMI cable

In today's market there are a large number of HDMI cables in different formats. To connect a laptop and PS4, you need a cable like А. For detailed information on cable types and their characteristics, check out our other articles at the link below.

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Step 2: Connect the devices

Once the cables are selected, the easiest thing is to connect the two devices. This process does not take long and is quite easy, you only have to perform a few actions:

  1. Locate the connector on the back of the console and plug the HDMI cable into it.
  2. Do the same with your laptop. Usually the HDMI input is on the left panel.
  3. Now it only remains to boot the PS4 and the laptop. The image should appear automatically.
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It should be noted that weak mobile computers can experience periodic freezes, and this is due to insufficient processor or graphics card capacity, which cannot constantly transfer the image from the console. When observing these brakes, it is better not to load the device unnecessarily, so as not to cause premature wear of the equipment.

That's it, nothing else is required from the user, you can immediately start your favorite game and enjoy the process. As you can see, connecting the two devices is very easy and does not require any complex manipulation and additional actions.

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