Copy the link to your Telegram profile on Android, iOS, Windows

Copy the link to your Telegram profile on Android, iOS, Windows

Unlike most messengers, in Telegram the user identifier is not only their phone number used when registering, but also a unique name, which within the application can also be used as a link to a profile. Additionally, many channels and public chat rooms have their own links, presented in the form of a classic URL. In both cases, to pass this information from user to user or to share it publicly, it must be copied. This article describes how to do it.

Copy Telegram link

The links that are presented in Telegram profiles (channels and chats) are mainly used to invite new members. But, as we said earlier, the username, which has the traditional form for this messenger @name, is also a type of link, which can be used to reach a specific account. The copy algorithm for both the first and the second is almost identical, the possible differences in the actions are dictated by the operating system in whose environment the application is used. That is why we are going to consider each of them separately.


Copy a link to your Telegram channel for later use (how to publish or share) on your Windows PC or laptop can be done with literally a few mouse clicks. This is what you have to do:

  1. Scroll through the list of chat rooms on Telegram and find the one you want to get the link to.
  2. Click with the left mouse button on the desired item to open the correspondence window and then click on the top bar where your name and avatar appear.
  3. In the pop-up window. "Channel information"which will open, you will see a link like (if it is a channel or a public chat)

    Or name @nameif you are an individual Telegram user or a bot.

    In any case, to get the link, right click on that item and select the only available option - «Copy link». (for channels and chats) or «Copy username». (for users and bots).

  4. The link will immediately be copied to the clipboard, after which you can share it, for example by sending it in a message to another user or posting it online.
  5. That's how easy it is to copy a link to someone's profile, bot, public chat or Telegram channel. The important thing is to understand that within the application, a link is not just a URL of the form also the name itself @namebut outside of it, only the former remain active, that is, they initiate the change to messenger.

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Now let's see how our today's challenge is solved in the mobile version of the messenger, Telegram for Android.

  1. Open the application, search the list of chats for the one you want to copy the link to and tap on it to go directly to the correspondence.
  2. Click on the top bar, where the name of the profile and the photo or avatar appear.
  3. You will access a page with a block "Description". (for chats and public channels)

    O {"information". (for normal users and bots).

    In the first case you have to copy the link, in the second you have to copy the username. To do this, simply hold your finger on the corresponding inscription and click on the item that appears "Copy".The information will be copied to the clipboard.

  4. Now you can share the resulting link. Keep in mind that when you send a URL copied within Telegram itself, the username will be displayed instead of the link, and it will be seen not only by you, but also by the recipient.
  5. Note: If you need to copy not a link to someone's profile, but an address that has been sent to you in a private message, you just have to keep your finger on it for a while, and then in the menu that appears, select "Copy"..

    As you can see, it is not difficult to copy a Telegram link in the Android environment either. As in the case of Windows, the address within the messenger is not only the usual URL, but also the username.

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Apple device owners using the Telegram client application for iOS will have to go to the destination account information to copy the link to the account of another member of the messenger, bot, channel or public chat (supergroup ), as in the Windows and Android environments described above. Accessing the information you need from your iPhone / iPad is really very easy.

  1. Opening Telegram for iOS and going to "Cats". Search among the chat titles for the name of the messaging account to which you want to copy the link (the type of "account" is not important - it can be a user, a bot, a channel, a supergroup). Open the chat and tap the recipient's profile avatar at the top right of the screen.
  2. Depending on the type of account, the content of the screen that was opened as a result of the previous instruction step "Information". it will be different. Our goal, that is, the field that contains the link to the Telegram account, is marked:
    • For channels (publishers) in the messenger -. "link"..
    • For public chats - no designation, the link is presented asимя_группы below the supergroup description.
    • For regular members and bots - "Username"..

    Do not forget that @Username it is exactly a link (that is, by touching it you access the chat with the corresponding profile) only within the Telegram service. In other applications, use an address like

  3. Regardless of the type of link detected when performing the previous steps, one of two actions must be performed to retrieve it to the iOS clipboard:
    • A short tap on the @username or publisher / group address, a menu will appear "Send". via messenger, in addition to the list of available recipients (dialogs in progress), there is an item «Copy link». - touch it.
    • A long tap on a link or username brings up an action menu made up of a single item - "Copy".. Click on this.
  4. So, we have solved the task of copying the Telegram account link in the iOS environment by following the above instruction. To continue manipulating the address, that is, to extract it from the clipboard, just long-press the text input field of any iPhone / iPad application and then press "Paste"..


Now you know how to copy a link to any Telegram account both in a Windows desktop environment and on mobile devices with Android and iOS on board. If you still have questions about the topic we have covered, ask them in the comments.

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