Create a conference and send an invitation link to Zoom

Create a conference and send an invitation link to Zoom.

With Zoom, conferences can be created in a couple of clicks. You can schedule a meeting from the client for personal computers or from the application for mobile phones. The instructions that follow provide information on how to create a meeting, and the options for inviting participants. The option to submit the application works on both devices and computers.

Create a conference and invite participants

From the computer

To create a Zoom conference and invite participants, you must

  • Open the program on your computer by clicking on the zoom icon or start it, via “Start”.
  • In the window that opens, click "Login".
  • Specify the data to access the personal account, click the login button.
  • Click on the house-shaped icon called “Start”, which is located in the upper panel of the window.
  • This will take you to the main menu of the program.
  • In the box on the left of the window, select the orange icon labeled “New Conference”.
  • A new window will display information about the future video conference: who is the creator, the identifier, the URL link and two passwords.
  • In the section that appears, there will be a button to start the session using the sound of the computer, and an item to check if the microphone and speakers are working properly. If everything is fine with the equipment, the line responsible for the login is clicked.
  • To activate the video broadcast, click on the video camera icon. It is located on the bottom panel on the left side.
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Also on the bottom panel, next to the video on, is the settings button. It looks like an arrow pointing up. Here you can select the camera (if there are two cameras connected to the device), the screen format, change the background, edit the appearance, etc.

Invite participants to the zoom conference:

  • The participants' control opens, it seems that there are two human figures.
  • In the window that appears, select “Invite”. The created invitation is sent to the people in the contact list.

If the desired user is not in the list, you have to send the conference link to zoom. Click the line that appears at the bottom of the "Copy Invitation" dialog box from your contact list. An email, social network chat or other messenger is opened, the text with the link is inserted and the message is sent to the desired person.

From the phone.

The phone application has an interface similar to the standard zoom service, and allows you to create a conference even if you don't have a computer nearby. Step-by-step instructions to create a video conference on your phone:

  • Open the application installed on the mobile device.
  • The login button is pressed. Enter a password and an email address.
  • The "Login" button is clicked.
  • At the top of the screen, tap the "New Conference" icon.
  • The slider in front of the video inclusion bar moves to the right.
  • The blue button «Start Conference» is pressed.

Invite conference to zoom:

  • The video conference window opens, the toolbar is called (tap anywhere on the screen). The “Participants” option located at the bottom of the screen is selected.
  • The “Invite” item at the bottom left is selected.
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A window will appear with the available ways to send an invitation. The first option is to send it through: social networks, sms, email clients, messengers (watsap, vyber, etc.). Just copy the invitation and paste it into the message.

Option 2 – is an invitation through contacts. When you go to the section, a user is added from an existing list of friends, ie regular members. Once added, the user will receive a notification in which they will have to click “Accept”.

Option 3 – allows you to create a link on zoom, and is called “Copy URL”. The section copies the link to the video conference and forwards it to the potential participant, conveniently.

Option 4 – is to use the identifier of the video conversation.

The ID, along with the password to log in, is sent to the other person. And it will join the conversation by entering the received data.

Invite other participants during a conference

The service has implemented a feature to add participants via phone call. In the conversation, the participant management section opens, and then «Invite». Go to the section with the phone, enter the name of the user, select the telephone country code, enter the number and press «Invite».

The calling feature is available starting with the Pro account, but you must also subscribe to the calling plugin.

Send an email to

The zoom client starts, the conference starts and the “Manage Attendees” section opens. Click "Invite." A subsection opens that allows you to send an email invitation. The creator or administrator of the conversation then selects the service to send:

  • Email, that is, an email client installed on the device.
  • G-mail, the user has to enter his account.
  • Yahoo email also requires you to sign in to the service.
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The invitation letter is automatically created by the software. The recipients are added and the shipment is confirmed.


In the invitation you access a list with the contacts. The names of the users are marked. The selected members will appear at the top of the window. The element with the invitation is clicked. Contacts are selected and confirmation is pressed.

URL or text of the invitation

The line responsible for copying the link, located at the bottom of the window, on the left side, is selected. The host copies the link to connect to the video conference, and pastes it into the message, which can be sent in any convenient way.

Next to the “Copy Link” option, there is a “Copy Invitation” line. All information from the invitation message will be copied.

Invite other participants to a scheduled conference

To invite people to a video meeting or kids to an online class, you have to schedule one. For it:

  • You start the program and press “Schedule” in the main window.
  • A window with configuration options will open. Specify the topic, start the video meeting (date and time), specify the duration of the meeting, configure video display for the host and participants, check the password and ID (if necessary), select the scheduler and activate the option responsible for the waiting room. If the meeting is going to be permanent (that is, at the same time and day), click on “Recurring Conference”.
  • Click the "Schedule" button.

The way to send the invitation letters is the same as in the previous points.

By putting the above instructions into practice, conferences can be created on computers and mobile phones. Add participants by different methods: by link, identifier, phone number, etc.

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