Create collages from photos on iPhone

Create collages from photos on iPhone

Method 1: Quick Commands

One of the easiest ways to create a collage on your iPhone is to install and use a special quick command through the app of the corresponding brand. In this case, the existence of additional settings directly depends on the specific command you choose.

Option 1: Photo Grid

If you simply want to merge multiple photos into one image in a few taps, the best option is to use the quick command "photographic grid". There are no auxiliary parameters here, while the appearance of the collage itself is in a fixed-indent grid format.

Photo Grid Quick Commands Page for iPhone

  1. Follow the link above from your iPhone and wait for the pre-installed app to open automatically "Commands". and press the button "Add".. It makes no sense to change the default settings, since the call is exclusively from the home page.
  2. While on the tab "My orders." in the specified application, tap the icon "photographic grid" or use a similar Siri command and select the photos for the collage in the pop-up window. before pressing "Add". in the top bar, note that the photos will be placed in the grid format exactly in the order they were selected.
  3. Wait for the processing to complete and in a new tab "Image". you can see the result. To get the best version without empty white areas, it is best to select as many images as can be placed on a grid in one way or another.
  4. If you are satisfied with the final image, in the lower left corner, click "Share". and use the function "Save Picture". The resulting file is located in the device's standard media library.
  5. This quick command has a fairly complex build, but is quite capable of being edited if you are well versed in the application. Otherwise, it's better to use an alternative for more flexible results.

Option 2: Combine the image

Partly more advanced is another quick command "Merge Image"which provides several additional parameters in the process, including the size of the indentation. This will be enough to create a simple collage, but it's still not up to par with third-party apps or services.

Quick commands page for combining images

  1. To install this command, you must, again, follow the link provided from your mobile device and, on the description page, click "Add".. Then make sure to open the screen "Read more". for the tile that appears and activate the option if necessary "On the export page.".
  2. You can move to create a collage by pressing the key "Merge Image" both in the app and through it "Photo".. In the first case, the process is essentially the same as in the previous option, apart from the steps indicated below, and it consists of selecting the images and clicking on the link "Add".

    If you choose to use the gallery, you will have to go to any of the albums, switch to image selection mode in the upper right corner and highlight the photos you want. Once done, open the window "Share". in the bottom bar and at the bottom of the list, tap "Merge Image".

  3. In a popup window. "Order". select one of the photo layouts, either "Chronological" (chronological order by date) or "reverse chronology" (Reverse chronological order by date). The next step in the same window is to specify the size of the separators between the files in pixels and hit "Done"..

    The last step is to choose the location of the images, either “Merge image horizontally” – for an exclusively horizontal position, “Combine the image vertically” – for a similar vertical position and "Merge image into a grid" – to create an automatic grid. If you have selected two or three images, the first options will work fine, but in all other cases it is better to use a grid.

  4. Wait for the processing to complete, the status will be displayed on the screen, and you can see the result. As you can see from our example, the options can vary considerably.

    You can save the result in the media library through the menu "Share". on the left side of the bottom bar, using the option "Save Picture". The resulting file will appear in the last position of the "Recent". Photos.

  5. An alternative would be to click on the link "Done". followed by element selection "Save to camera roll" to simply save the file or “Save to camera roll and delete source” to save the photo and delete the originals. You can also press "Edit"to exit without saving and continue selecting images to work with.

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Method 2: Third Party Applications

Third-party apps are a much more flexible solution as they allow you to create collages with additional tools. However, as before, the availability of auxiliary parameters directly depends on the tool in question.

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Option 1: Google Photos

One of the best applications, completely free, to create collages is Google Photos, the gallery owned by Google, which you can install from the official store page. The number of tools here is less than almost any editor, but it will be enough to create a simple collage.

Download Google Photos from the App Store

  1. Open the installed app and allow access to image files on the device first. Once there, use the bottom bar to navigate to the page "Library".expand category "Tools" and press "Collage" inside the list "Create"..
  2. In this case you can select absolutely any image to create a collage, but in a strictly limited number from two to nine. You can confirm your selection and proceed to customize the template by pressing "Create" on the right side of the top bar.
  3. There is no need to save the image manually, the file will automatically appear in the device's media library after processing. Apart from that, unfortunately, it is not possible to make any changes to the template.

Option 2: Graphionica

A collage-oriented app «Graphionica» it is far superior to the previous version in terms of the number of auxiliary tools and templates. However, the editor is only partially free, so unfortunately it is not possible to take full advantage of it without a paid subscription.

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Download Graphionica on the App Store

  1. From the app home page, at the bottom of the screen, tap "Let" and access files from the device's media library. Right after, you can use the "Templates". to jump to the full list of available templates.

    Scroll through the list of categories and individual options to choose the right solution. To download it, just touch the thumbnail or the button Download all. within a certain block, keeping in mind that templates with a publisher icon are only available after a subscription.

  2. Once you have resolved the preparation and are on the main page of the editor, press "+" in the desired area to attach a file from the media library. Similarly, you can add other photos later, depending on the selected template.
  3. The template files themselves can be edited using the application's many tools, allowing you to change the shape, transparency, placement, and colors. In general, it is best to try the options presented in the bottom panel on their own based on your personal requirements for the result.

    To crop or replace an already added image, click the desired area of ​​the collage and select the appropriate option from the pop-up menu. You can also use the built-in filters and other graphical tools, which we won't talk about.

  4. Special attention should be paid to the background, which can be simply repainted in another color or replaced with a complete image. For a simple repainting, just press the button "Background". and then select a color from the list in the left column.
  5. A more complicated task is to fix the image, since this requires combining the functions mentioned above and editing the layers. First, set a transparent background, using the function "Photographic film" button. add a new image and enlarge it to the desired size.

    In the right part of the top panel, click the marked button, click the thumbnail of the layer with the intended background image, and drag it to the bottom of the list. If you have done everything correctly, you will have a collage with a separate image as the background, as shown in our example.

  6. You can try the other tools of the editor yourself, while to save you have to click the up arrow button on the top panel, select a suitable resolution and use the icon "Photographic film".. The resulting file appears in the standard application "Photo". on your iPhone.
  7. Please note that the aspect ratio of the template can be changed during the editing process, regardless of the choice made initially. Also, don't forget to export the result directly to other applications.

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Method 3: Online Services

Special attention should be given to online services that claim to create collages without the need to install assistance tools and that are available on all iPhones without exception. As an example, we will limit ourselves to one option, while other tools require similar steps apart from the more advanced editors.

Go to MyCollages online service

  1. Follow the link above and select one of the template categories on the service home page, either "Standard". o "Creative". All the options presented are available completely free of charge, so the choice can only be limited by the space available under the images.
  2. Once you've sorted through the template selection and are on the main page of the online editor, tap the arrow icon in one of the areas, go to «Media library». and select the desired file. You can also use the device's camera to take a snapshot.
  3. Each image added to the template can be edited by touching the desired area. Actual control is via the top bar, while photo settings can be saved by tapping the checkbox.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the template's standard dimensions, you can change them using the settings available in the lower panel. In addition, here you can also edit the following "Orientation".if the pattern suggests it, «Thickness of the borders». и "Background"..

    In the case of "Background". you can simply select a specific color or upload an additional image from the device's media library. Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit such a photo separately.

  5. To save a collage to the media library, in the same bottom panel, tap the button marked, select a format, and tap "Download". In a popup, you can choose to use the link "Look out". o "Download".

    It is recommended to limit yourself to the first option and, on the browser page that opens, save the photo using the option “Add to photo” option. The file can be found directly in the standard gallery.

  6. When selecting "Downloads". the image will go to iCloud pinned to the mobile phone, from where the file will have to be manually transferred to the media library. This requires additional and essentially unnecessary steps, since the result in both cases will be completely identical.

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