Crop a screenshot on a Windows 10 computer

Crop a screenshot on a Windows 10 computer

Option 1: Built-in tools

Windows 10 provides its own tools to handle images and screenshots. To crop them, the application is supposed to be equipped with an editor with special tools. Let's look at some of the easiest solutions to quickly edit a screenshot.

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Method 1: Painting

Paint is a simple editor with basic tools for editing various images, including screenshots.

  1. Launch the Paint app. You can find it in the list of installed software in the main menu or by searching the system.
  2. If you want to edit the finished screenshot, skip to step 3. And if you don't have a screenshot yet, take one. The easiest way is to use the special key on your keyboard – "PrtSc". ("Print Screen"). The created screenshot of the entire window will be temporarily placed on the Windows clipboard. Then skip step 3 and go to step 4.
  3. Click on the tab "File". and in the menu that appears, select "Opened". The system will start "Explorer"., through which you have to specify the image by searching for it in the folders.
  4. Paste the screenshot you just created using the button of the same name in the panel above, or hit the shortcut instead "Ctrl + V". The image will most likely not fit on the screen, so zoom out. in the tab "View" tab. Use the options provided for it, or roll the mouse wheel with the key pressed "Ctrl".. Turning the wheel up enlarges the image, and turning the wheel down reduces it.
  5. In the section "Home". click the arrow below the button "Highlight".to select one of the available options. You can use rectangular and random selection.
  6. After selecting a function, with the left mouse button pressed, select the area that should remain after cropping the screenshot. Release the mouse button and the borders will be marked with dashed lines.
  7. Right-click the selected area and from the context menu select "Culture"..
  8. This completes the editing process. Only the portion of the screenshot that has been selected by the user will remain in the main Paint window. You can then save the result using the tab "File" tab.. when selecting "Save". the original image will be replaced by the edited image, and when "Save as…" it will be possible to specify another route via "Explorer".The original photo is not modified.
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Method 2: "Sketch on a screen fragment"

Ten has its own solution to create screenshots – "On-screen sketch fragment." And, unlike. "Pair of scissors".allows you to open an already created screenshot.

  1. Run "On-screen sketch fragment". This built-in application can be easily found through the Windows main menu.
  2. If you want to edit a snapshot that's already stored on your hard drive or removable drive, click the three vertical dots in the top right and select "Opened". Afterwards, just search for the image via the standard "Explorer".. If this is the case for you, skip the next step and go to step 4.
  3. If only one screenshot is planned, click "Create".. The screen will go dark and a new work panel will appear at the top, where you can choose how to select the slice. The snapshot is taken by dragging the cursor over the desired areas of the screen with the left mouse button pressed.
  4. To take a screenshot with the Screen Sketch Fragment tool and then crop it, you can also use the Windows + Shift + S hotkey and click on the pop-up with the snapshot to launch the editor.

  5. The image appears in the main window. The built-in editor tools are available at the top. To crop a screenshot, tap the button "Culture"., located on the top bar.
  6. Crop screenshots by dragging them to the desired place. Once editing is complete, click the check mark icon at the top.
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It remains to save the resulting image by clicking the button in the form of a floppy disk in the upper panel. at launch "Explorer" specifies the path.

Option 2: Third-party software

If the capabilities of your system are not adequate, you can additionally install software that combines not only screenshot functions, but also a simple image file editor.

Method 1: Quick Stone Capture

FastStone Capture is a multifunctional tool that not only allows you to take screenshots, but also to edit them immediately. It is paid, but there is a trial period during which you can discover all the functions of the application.

Download FastStone Capture

  1. Install the screen grabber and run it. The program implements a floating window with basic tools. You can use it to open an existing screenshot. To do this, click on the icon in the form of an open folder and select the desired one in a new menu.
  2. To create a screenshot, select the capture method. Various options are available on the panel, such as rectangular area, active window, or scrolling screen.
  3. The created screenshot will automatically open in the built-in editor. To crop it, select the area you want to leave by left clicking and dragging. The selected part will be highlighted with a dotted line. Click the button "Crop" button. on the top toolbar.
  4. Save the final result by clicking on the floppy disk icon and select the save path using "Explorer"..

Many screen capture programs integrate a simple editor with which you can select elements of the image, add various objects, change the color of the image and, among other things, crop it. Our author has discussed these applications in a separate article on the website.

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Method 2: Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Image File Viewer contains a built-in image editor with basic tools, including cropping. Unlike the previous options, it doesn't have a screenshot creation feature, but it's fine if you need to modify the finished screenshot.

The program is free, but most of the time it requires an additional installation, since it is not available in the "pure" version of Windows. With a simple editor (Image Manager is part of SharePoint Designer 2010) you can crop any image, even a screenshot:

Download Microsoft Office Image Manager from the official website

  1. Download and install Image Manager. Right-click on the file, hover over "To open with". and in the additional context menu select Microsoft Office 2010.
  2. In the app that appears, click the button "Change drawings." on the toolbar. A list appears on the right side, where you can click on the function "Cutout"..
  3. Use the clips on the edges of the screenshot to select the area you want to leave behind. click on "OKAY". right.

The principle of operation of these editors is similar, so you can use any program for working with graphic files to crop a ready-made screenshot. Our separate article deals with applications to remove excess material from screenshots. We have also added download links there.

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