Transferring data from Google Authenticator to another phone

Transferring data from Google Authenticator to another phone

Step 1: Install the Google Authenticator App on Your New Phone

Google Authenticator codes are not transferred automatically when you switch phones, so they must be transferred manually. This is easy to do, as long as you have 2FA two-factor authentication enabled on the devices connected to your Google account. It is not necessary to uninstall the Google Authenticator application from your old mobile phone, otherwise you will lose all the keys to transfer your data. First, install it on your new device.

To do this, open the Google Play Market on your new mobile phone and enter the following query in the search box "Google Authenticator".. Go to the application page and press the button "Install"..

After a while, the application will appear on the desktop and in the list of installed software.

The installation and transfer procedure on iOS and Android devices is identical, so the manual will be suitable for both operating systems.

Step 2: Set up your Google profile

The next step will require you to go to your Google profile on your old device or in your computer's browser. In this case, proceed as follows:

    1. Go to the Google home page, then click the profile avatar thumbnail in the upper right corner. In the menu that appears, select thebutton. «Manage your Google account»..
    2. To see the two-step authentication options, click the tab "Security" tab.and then select the appropriate item.
    3. Confirm that this is your account by entering your profile credentials.
    4. In the new window, you will have to click "Create". in the block "Authenticator App". If the application is already in use, instead of the create button there will be "Change number"..
    5. Select the operating system you are using by checking it, and then click "Following".

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A new window will appear with the QR code required to scan and pair the devices. There are also detailed instructions on the sequence of actions.

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Step 3: Add an account to the application

Once you know the code, get a new phone and follow the instructions:

  1. On the new mobile phone, start the application "Authenticator". Press the account settings button.
  2. In the account creation window that appears, select the function "Scan QR code".. Point the camera of your mobile phone at the code that appears in the Google profile of your old phone or PC.

After the scan, an automatically generated code will appear on the old device, which you must enter in the corresponding field on the new phone. Confirm the action by pressing "Done"..

Step 4: Transfer data to another phone

After two-step authentication in the Google Authenticator app, all the data and settings from your Google account will be automatically transferred to your other phone. But this will not affect any third party website, application or service. In this case, you will have to manually enter each resource, disable it from the 2FA function (this can be found in the security settings of your profile or in your personal cabinet), and then scan the QR code again, but on a different device. . This procedure will have to be repeated for each site or service that appears in the Authenticator of your old mobile phone.

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There is no way to activate 2FA on multiple devices simultaneously and sync security keys between them, as two-factor authentication immediately loses its meaning.

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