Administrator deactivation in Windows 7

Administrator deactivation in Windows 7

Method 1: "Computer Management"

If you are interested in disabling the built-in account with administrator privileges, you can do so with the option "Account management"..

  1. Open "Control Panel".the easiest option is through the element in "Start"..

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  2. Then select the large icon view and locate the item "Administration". and click on it.
  3. The directory will open with the administration tools, use the shortcut "Computer management"..
  4. In the left part of the window, open the category "Local Users and Groups"and then the folder «Users».
  5. Select the administrator account you want to deactivate and double-click it with the left mouse button.
  6. Click on the tab "General".if it is not open by default, find the item "Deactivate account"and then use the buttons "Apply". и "AGREE"..
  7. Restart your computer to accept the changes.
  8. This will deactivate the built-in administrator account.

Method 2: "Command line"

If the tool described above is not available in your edition of Seven, you can use "Command line"..

  1. Run the tool with administrator privileges - open "Start"., type in the search engine. cmd, then right-click the result and use the option "Execute as an administrator"..
  2. After opening the plugin, enter the following command in the plugin:

    net user Administrator /Active:no

    Make sure the name is correct and click I went into.

  3. After a few seconds, a successful operation message appears - close the command management interface and restart the PC.
  4. As you can see, with "Command line". the task in question can be solved even faster.

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Disable request for administrator rights

If you do not need to completely deactivate your administrator account, but simply get rid of the need to use the corresponding permissions, this can be achieved by deactivating the User Account Control (UAC) system. We already have a corresponding article on our site - follow the link below for detailed instructions.

Important! Disabling UAC can damage your operating system.

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