Delete communities in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Delete communities in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

In Viber, there are two main options for bringing users together: group chats and communities. In this article we will talk about the techniques applicable to the second type of communication channels. If you need to remove an "ordinary" group from the messenger (just yours or in general), consult other materials on our website:

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Viber for Android users have two approaches to solving the problem indicated in the article title, choose the appropriate instruction from the following depending on which particular editor (created and / or managed by yourself, or "third-party") you need delete in the messenger.

Option 1: Exit the community and remove it from the chat list

From the perspective of non-privileged members of all communities on Viber, deleting such a chat involves logging out of the chat and simultaneously removing the publisher (name) from the list of available for the messaging account being used.

The administrators of the associations considered have to consider that the exit of the same according to the instruction given below not only does not lead to the termination of the existence of the advertising, but also does not entail any visible change in its operation for other users! Any member of the community after the departure of the last super administrator can take his place if they wish.

    1. Open Viber and go to the editor that you think you should remove from your messenger.
    2. Open the chat menu by tapping the three dots in the upper right. Faucet . "Community information"..
    3. Scroll to the end of the list of data and options that opens, tap on the last item available in it "Exit and delete.". Confirm your intention by tapping "EXIT AND DELETE". in the request box that appears.
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  1. As a result, the list of members of the Viber association will be reduced by one unit, that is, your account, and the community itself will disappear from those available in the messenger.

Option 2: Discontinue the community

Since Viber does not provide a function to directly remove the community from the service, if such a need arises, all that remains is to bring the number of association members to 0 by following the suggested instructions below.

Complete deletion of an association is only available to its super administrators.

    1. Open the messaging chat you are managing, open the menu "Community information"..
    2. Go to the options box "PARTICIPANTS"click on the. «Invite by link».. On the screen that appears, disable, if enabled, the option "Everyone uses the link."Then, in the list of functions, press "Disconnect link.". Confirm by pressing "Keep going"., received from the Viber request.

  1. Back to menu "Community information".Navigate to the block "PARTICIPANTS" and press "Show everything" Below the summary list of chat members.
  2. Next, but making sure to start with Super Administrators and Administrators, exclude all of your members from the association. To do this, press and hold the name of each user to access the menu, press "Remove from the community." and confirm courier requests.
  3. Once you have completed removing all users from the association, that is, remain the only member, return to the menu with the chat settings, scroll to the bottom of your list and press «Close the session and delete»..
    In order for the Viber-publik of the type in question to finally cease to exist, it remains to confirm the request received from the app by tapping below it «EXIT and DELETE»..


The procedure for deleting a community via Viber for iPhone, as well as in the case of the Android described above, can be of two variants, that is, carried out in order to stop its own participation in the association of messaging users or terminate the existence of the managed post.

Option 1: Exit the community and remove it from the chat list

Deleting a community from the list of chats that can be interacted with in messenger is possible by any of its members and at any time.

If the following instruction is executed by a user with super administrator or administrator privileges, they will lose those privileges and access to the chat, but the community itself will still exist!

  1. Start Viber, go to the community you want to "clean" your messenger from.
  2. When you press the name of the community on the correspondence area, the settings screen appears. Go to the end of the list of information and options, press «Close the session and delete»..
  3. Confirm your intention to terminate your participation in the association and remove your header from the file "Cats". from your messenger, press «Close the session and delete» in the menu that appears.
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Option 2: Terminate the community

Unlike the previous instruction, when the chat / channel in question is removed only from an individual user's app, the following algorithm actually involves the irrevocable destruction of the pubic in Viber. Despite the fact that the function of direct removal of communities from the service in the messenger is not provided, this possibility can be implemented by the mandatory exclusion of all members of the association and then the owner (super-admin) withdraws from it .

Only super chat administrators have sufficient privileges to do the following

  1. Open the community to be deleted and open its settings screen.
  2. Go to the area "Participants".click… «Invite by link». Deactivate the switch "The link is used by everyone." on the screen that opens, then press "Disconnect link." and confirm the request that appears in the messenger.
  3. Back to the list "Collaborators". in editor settings, click it. Show them all.Next, you have to gradually exclude all their users except yourself from the chat room: start with the super admins and admins, then remove the rest. The procedure is carried out by alternating the long press of the names, selecting "Remove from chat." in the menu that opens and confirms incoming Viber requests.
  4. Once the only member (your account) remains in the community, follow the previous instruction in this article, that is, leave the chat room and remove it from the list of available in the messenger.


The removal of both "alien" and self-created (managed) communities in Viber, through its PC program, follows the same principles as in the mobile variants of the messenger described above.

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Option 1: Exit the community and remove it from the chat list

It is possible to leave any community and delete all the mentions of it in your messenger as follows:

  1. Start Vyber for Windows, open the chat room you want to delete by clicking on its name in the list on the left side of the program window. Then open the menu "Details". by clicking on the button "I" on the map to the right.
  2. Use the mouse wheel to scroll through the list of options that appears on the right side of the Viber window, click on the last option in the list. «Exit and delete».
  3. Confirm the displayed request by clicking the button "Departure".. As a result, the chat that has become unnecessary will instantly disappear from the list of those available in your messenger, and you will no longer be its participant.

Option 2: Discontinue the community

If you are a super administrator of the Viber community and have made the decision to terminate the community in the service, from the PC do the following:

  1. Open the community to be closed, invoke its settings by clicking "I" to the right of the heading on the correspondence.
  2. Scroll through the list of options that appears on the right side of the messenger window, find the item "Community link". and click on it.

    Then on the menu, click "Disconnect link.",

    then "Keep going". below the Viber application displayed.

  3. Reopen the main list of chat options, go to "Participants"..
  4. Clears the list of association members from all records except yours by right-clicking on the user names starting with the super administrators

    and then, in the menu that opens, select "Remove from the community.".

  5. The last step in ending the existence of a messaging editor is to log out of it. Follow the instructions above in this article after your account is the only one on the list of chat members you are destroying.

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