Delete Facebook messages

Delete Facebook messages

If you have the need to delete some messages or all correspondence with a certain person on Facebook, it can be done quite easily. But before deleting them, you have to know that the sender or, in the opposite case, the recipient of the sms, will be able to continue seeing them, unless they delete them from themselves. That is, you are not deleting the message completely, but only from yourself. They cannot be completely removed.

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Delete messages directly from chat

When you only receive a text message, it will appear in a special section, and opening it will take you to chat with the sender.

In this chat room, you only have the option to delete all correspondence. Let's see how to do it.

Once you've logged into the social network, go to the chat room with the person you want to delete all messages from. To do this, you have to click on the desired dialog, and then the chat window will open.

Now click on the gear shown at the top of the chat to go to "Options".. Now select the desired item to delete all correspondence with this user.

Confirm your action and the changes made will take effect. From now on you won't see any old conversations from this person. Messages you have sent to this user will also be deleted.

Deletion via Facebook Messenger

This Facebook messenger goes from being a chat room to a section completely dedicated to correspondence between users. There it is convenient to correspond, follow new conversations and perform various actions with them. Here you can also delete certain parts of a conversation.

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First of all, you have to enter this messenger. Click on the section "Posts".and then go to Everything in Messenger..

Now you can select a particular correspondence, the necessary sms. Click the three-dot sign next to the dialog and a suggestion will appear to remove it.

Now you have to confirm your action to make sure that the click has not occurred accidentally. After confirmation, the SMS will be irretrievably deleted.

This completes the cleaning of the correspondence. Also, keep in mind that if you delete the SMS of yourself, you will not delete them from the profile of your interlocutor.

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