WhatsApp Delta 2022 APK 4.0.2

Currently adjusting WhatsApp became very simple to carry out by means of whatsapp delta. One of those considered the best apps to be able to adjust and customize the design of the application as we wish, we also have the possibility to choose some pretty beautiful themes already created.

Currently WhatsApp Delta is gaining more and more popularity every day through its different accessible designs. One of the designs that stands out by far is that of WhatsApp iPhone, which is becoming more and more common among its users.

What is WhatsApp Delta

The WhatsApp Delta application is a modification of the original application by WhatsApp. Being an unofficial modification, it is created by independent programmers, they are commonly made to offer a greater experience to the user.

In addition to being able adjust layout It has other functionalities that make it so common among individuals. Another point to note is that it discards several parameters of the original application.

Download WhatsApp Delta APK 2022

if you are attracted Download WhatsApp Delta 4.0.2 you have to install it through an APK file. In contrast to many other chat apps, this edition of WhatsApp is not usable in the app store. There are different editions of the application, but they all have the same functionalities and utilities.

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This app can only be installed on Android OS, if you have old Android edition it is required to turn on unknown sources. If you have version 9.0 of Android or higher, you only have to offer permission to dispose of the application.

Remember to make a backup, if you have no idea how to do it, go to the following link to do it. WhatsApp Backup.

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How to dispose the app

1. The first thing would be to download the APK file, you can do it in the following link, just press here. When the file has finished downloading, open the file browser and look for the downloaded file.

2. To have the application click on the file, a window will open to have the application. Click on the link to dispose, if it asks you for permission to dispose click on accept, the installation development may take a few seconds.

3. Ready you will have the possibility to use the application, log in with your WhatsApp account. Restore the backup so that all your chats come back.

It's a simple way to dispose whatsapp delta, it will not take you a long time to enjoy all its features.

Details about the application

Name WhatsApp Delta Version 4.0.2 Size 55 MB Last renewal March 28, 2022 Compatibility Android 4.0 or higher.

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WhatsApp Delta features

As I told you previously, WhatsApp Delta January 2022 has many features which make it a great chat app. I will present you the main properties that you have the possibility of finding in the application.

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WhatsApp Delta Features

  • Customize the theme with multiple layouts or different colors like light or dark.
  • Ability to send well over 90 images simultaneously.
  • Lock the app or chats with password, pattern or fingerprint.
  • Availability of languages, you can choose between several languages ​​accessible in the application.
  • Schedule automatic messages, choose the time and day when a message should be sent.
  • Post statuses with a longer duration.
  • Send images without quality loss.
  • Send videos that are larger than 90 MB.

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Update WhatsApp Delta 2022

If you already have the application installed, but you want to update it to the latest version, you can do it in a really simple way. Follow the steps that I will leave you to get update WhatsApp Delta to 4.0.1F edition.

  • Make a copy of the chats, so as not to lose any of the chats.
  • Download the APK of the update.
  • It is essential that you uninstall the latest version of the application.
  • Install the new app.
  • Log in with your number and restore the backup.

News about the latest version

New updates always bring some news, in addition to correcting bugs, they also usually add new features. I will tell you about the news that the 4.0.2 edition comes with.

  • Added Chat Video Splitter.
  • Added a perspective utility in the states.
  • Added bulk message alternative.
  • Added chat reactions.
  • Fixed bugs in hidden and archived chat search.
  • New Bubble and iOSV2 home interfaces added.
  • Added a new chat translator.
  • Correction of bugs that appeared in the 4.0.1F edition.
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It is estimated that the WhatsApp Delta application will be updated again to bring new features or correct bugs. The article could be modified to keep the information as truly up-to-date as feasible.

Download WhatsApp Delta

If it appeals to you to have the application of WhatsApp Delta on your Android, here you will have the possibility to find the APK files, you can select which version you want to have. In addition to being able to download some old editions in case the latest one offers you inconveniences or you cannot install it.

WhatsApp delta 4.0.2 APK

  • whatsapp delta (com.deltawhatsapp) – Download
  • YoWhatsApp Delta (com.yowhatsapp) – Download
  • GBWhatsApp (com.gbwhatsapp) – Download
  • Whatsapp (com.whatsapp) – Download

WhatsApp Delta 4.0.1F APK

  • whatsapp delta (com.deltawhatsapp) – Download
  • YoWhatsApp Delta (com.yowhatsapp) – Download
  • GBWhatsApp (com.gbwhatsapp) – Download
  • Whatsapp (com.whatsapp) – Download

Download WhatsApp Delta 4.0.1 APK

  • WhatsApp Delta (com.deltawhatsapp) – Download
  • YoWhatsApp Delta (com.yowhatsapp) – Download
  • GBWhatsApp (com.gbwhatsapp) – Download
  • WhatsApp (com.whatsapp) – Download