Disable all system sounds in Windows 7

Disable all system sounds in Windows 7

The Windows 7 operating system is famous, among other things, for its sonic activity. Some users may be bothered by this type of activity, so they want to disable system sounds. Luckily, the developers have foreseen it and provided the right tools.

Disabling system sounds

All Seven's sound can be configured through a special plug-in available from the Control Panel.

  1. Go to . "Starts"., in which the item is clicked "Control Panel"..
  2. After launch. "Control panels". Expand drop-down menu "Screen". and select the option "Big icons".and then locate and open "Sound"..
  3. Click on the tab "Sounds." - you will have at your disposal a selection of sound schemes (the menu of the same name), as well as a fine manual adjustment of notifications in the block "Program events".. The latter will be described in more detail.
  4. If you scroll through the available list, it becomes clear that it is possible to configure the notification of almost all actions: turn on the operating system, accompany an error or warning, minimize or display windows, etc. The algorithm to deactivate one or the other sound is the same for all elements, so we are going to show it in the example of an event "Shutting down Windows".. First, highlight the corresponding item, then uncheck the box "Play Windows shutdown tone".

    Then see point "Sounds."and display your menu and select the option "No.".

  5. In the same way, turn off the system sounds of all other items (unfortunately, but disabling everything at once is not provided by the system). Once done, press the key "Apply". и "AGREE"..
  6. Check if the procedure was successful, for example by restarting the computer. In most cases the sounds should be turned off.

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Hardware and sounds add-on is not available

Sometimes the task of disabling system sounds is complicated: the sound tool just won't open (with or without error messages). Let's look at the most common causes of this problem and the methods to fix it.

  1. The first thing to do is check if the drivers for your computer's sound system are installed; As practice shows, this problem is most often suffered by users who forgot to install the necessary software.

    Lesson: Installing the Sound Card Drivers

    If the drivers are installed and have already been updated, the possible source of the problem is in the new version of the software. In this case, it is worth trying to push them back.

    More information: How to roll back drivers

  2. The second option is given on computers with two or more accounts: for one reason or another, the account that needs to disable the system sounds does not have access to the settings. The only known solution to the problem is to re-create the account.

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  3. The third reason for the failure described is because the KB319095 update is installed. The thing is, after that the mixer snap-in executable is moved to a location other than the System32 in the Windows system directory, which is causing an open error. To solve this problem, open "Start" and type a search for SoundVol32.exe - This will find the file shown in the screenshot below. Select it, right-click and select "Location of open file.".

    If a folder is opened in *системный диск*/Windows 7/System32 - Well, that's not the problem. However, if any other directory other than the one mentioned is open, you must copy the file in question from it to the designated directory.

  4. It is also possible that the component files for the plugin in question have been corrupted for some reason. The first thing to do is rule out the influence of malware; to do this, run a full scan of your computer for viruses.

    Lesson: Fight against computer viruses

    Next, regardless of the results of the virus scan, it is a good idea to carry out a procedure to check the integrity of the system files. In all probability, some of them will turn out to be corrupted, so proceed with their recovery immediately.

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  5. The steps outlined above should help you troubleshoot the problem.

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So, we have reviewed the technique of disabling system sounds in Windows 7 and reviewed the solution to problems when the sound control tool does not open. As a final note, it is not recommended to disable system sounds on computers used by the visually impaired.

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