Disable wallpaper carousel on Xiaomi smartphones

Disable wallpaper carousel on Xiaomi smartphones

Not everyone who has preferred a Xiaomi smartphone finds the app Carousel Wallpaper enabled by default in MIUI OS as a worthy solution to the lock screen layout problem. At the same time, in view of the extensive possibilities of customizing the system shell, it will not be difficult to get rid of the need to contemplate changing multiple images on your device.

    1. Open the "Settings" MIUAI by tapping the corresponding shortcut on the desktop of the mobile operating system or clicking the gear-shaped button on the system shutter. Then go to section "Screen lock" .
    2. In the second list of options «LOCK SCREEN», click item "Wallpaper carousel" .
  1. Operate the switch "Enable" at the top of the open screen with the settings of the application in question. This will put the item in a disabled state.
  2. After making sure that the «Wallpaper carousel» is deactivated in "Settings" , exit them and restart your smartphone. After restarting the device, it will be possible to verify the effectiveness of the operation performed.

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