DllRegisterServer entry point not found - causes and possible solutions

DllRegisterServer entry point not found - causes and possible solutions

Almost all instructions on the Internet on how to fix DLL errors include among the steps the suggestion to copy the file to the System32 or SysWOW64 folder and then use regsvr32.exe to register the file on the system. And in more than half of the cases, users get an error message 'The dll module is loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. Please check that the file is a valid DLL or OCX file and try again.

This instruction details the causes of the RegSvr32 error, possible ways to fix it in Windows 10, 8.1, and Windows 7, as well as additional information that may be helpful if you need to install a missing DLL on your system.

Which entry point DllRegisterServer is missing

DLL library files are generally sets of program functions, sometimes resources, that can be called from other Windows 10 and earlier programs.

When in the command line as administrator, you enter the command regsvr32 filename.dllThe regsvr32.exe program searches for and attempts to call the DllRegisterServer function from the DLL that you specified to register the server, cannot find it, and reports a "DllRegisterServer entry point not found" error.

Why is this happening? Because not all DLLs contain this function and not all libraries can be installed on the system using regsvr32.exe, and the recommendations to use the command to register DLLs in many instructions are misleading and inapplicable.

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How to fix the DllRegisterServer entry point not found error when registering a DLL

The following approaches can be suggested to solve the problem:

  1. Try using the same command, but with additional parameters to install the DLL (spaces before the slashes and file name):
    regsvr32 / i / n файл.dll

    If these keys are used, the DllRegisterServer procedure will not be searched, but DllInstall will be used. But it may not be in the archive either, and this is normal.

  2. Find out what kind of DLL file it is and install it correctly, usually as part of a set of components that contain that file, whenever necessary. What do you have in mind? For example, problems with files whose names begin with msvc often require the installation of the correct version of distributed Visual C ++ components (and x64 systems often require the installation of either the x86 or 32-bit versions), on the For files named dx, the missing DirectX libraries need to be installed using Microsoft's web installer, and for unarc.dll files, ISDone.dll is usually not required to install any files and is not intended to they.
  3. Sometimes the following method may work: simply copy the .dll file to the same folder as the .exe file of the program or game that is reporting the error.
  4. Use my site search, specifying the name of the DLL that is causing the error - for most of the common ones, I have detailed instructions indicating which components to install.

Important point at all points: DLL files for x64 and 32-bit (x86) systems are different even though the name is the same, and even 10-bit Windows 8.1, 7, or Windows 64 may require a 32-bit DLL to run some program, and it may not work with a x64 DLL.

Video Tutorial

You can also describe your DLL problem in the comments and I will try to suggest a solution.

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