Download Pokémon XY for Android in Spanish Drastic

The first thing we must mention in this regard is that, beyond the fact that several licensed games have been a true sales triumph in recent times, some of them stand out above the others, as in the case of Pokémon XY, which is what matters to us today.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y lead the searches of an infinite number of individuals who want to enjoy all their virtues, downloading this heading from the hand of the popular DraStic simulator for some Android gadget.

In any situation, when we talk about being able to enjoy Pokémon XY on Android, you have to understand that the first thing is due to the download links, where we are going to find that you can download Pokémon XY from this link, while you are going to get the mentioned simulator from this link.

Considering these fundamental points, then we are going to continue analyzing some other data that we are sure that several of the individuals and potential players in this heading will also want to understand.

More facts about Pokémon XY


Well, you already have the basic understanding of Pokémon XY, and we suppose that it is time to go a little further, to name other data around the license. What you have to understand is that Pokémon XY fits into the now sixth generation of Pokémon titles, a generation that was primarily created for the interface. Nintendo 3DS, and likewise, shines for its productions carried out in the adventure and role segments, which is where it stands out.

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This time the trip will take the individuals and main characters of Pokémon XY towards an adventure in Kalos, where the story unfolds where they must find the eight respective medals of each gym to later be part of the enormous Pokémon League. Of course, Pokémon XY does not escape the other installments of the license, and we must offer a hand to individuals to overcome an infinite number of adversities that appear on their path as they advance.

As for the distribution of Pokémon XY exactly, we must say that in it we will observe up to 60 of the most recognized creatures, with very spectacular properties and graphics if you stayed only in the first generations of Pokémon games. When you have installed the elements that we leave in the links above, you have to proceed to Changes, Security of your Android, and activate the Strange origins or Unknown sources, to achieve the game file.

The next step should be about setting up the DraStic simulator as some other external application, and then making the simulator and the Pokemon X and Y ROMs. To be sure that this point by point is going to work, you have to check some technical properties of your mobile gadget. For example, it must have an Android OS 2.3.6 or higher editions, 1 GB of RAM, a processor with a minimum of 1,2 Ghz continuity, and a free hosting space of at least 3 GB.

Have you been able to download Pokémon XY for DraStic with this point by point? Make it clear in the comments and if you couldn't, we'll be happy to help you!