Installing Drivers for the HP LaserJet PRO 400 M401DN Printer

Installing Drivers for the HP LaserJet PRO 400 M401DN Printer

To start working with the printer, you must install the appropriate software on your PC. This can be done in a number of easy ways.

Driver Installation for HP LaserJet PRO 400 M401DN

Since there are several effective methods for installing printer drivers, you should consider each of them in turn.

Method 1: device manufacturer site

The first option you should use is the official resource of the device manufacturer. Often times, the site is where you will find all the software you need to set up the printer.

    1. First, open the manufacturer's website.
    2. Then hover over the section Support at the top and select Programs and Drivers .
    3. In the new window, you will first need to enter the device model - HP LaserJet PRO 400 M401DN- and then click "Search" .
    4. Based on the search results, a page with the required template will be displayed. Before downloading the drivers, the user must select the required operating system (if it was not detected automatically) and click "Change" .
    5. Then scroll down the page and click "Driver - Device Software Installation Kit" . Select the Complete HP LaserJet Pro 400 Printer Software and Drivers in the downloadable software and click Download .
    6. Wait for the download to finish and run the resulting file.
    7. The executable program will display a list of installed software. User must click "Following" .
    8. After that, a window will be displayed with the text of the license agreement. If you want, you can read it, then check the item «I accept the installation terms» and click "Following" .
    9. The program will begin to install the drivers. If the printer was not previously connected to the device, the corresponding window will be displayed. After connecting the device, it will disappear and the installation will proceed normally.
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Method 2: third party software

As another option for installing drivers, you can consider specialized software. Compared to the program described above, it does not focus exclusively on a specific printer model from a specific manufacturer. The convenience of such software is the ability to install drivers for any device connected to the PC. There are a large number of such programs, the best of which are listed in a separate article:

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It will not be superfluous to consider the process of installing a driver for a printer using the example of a certain program - Driver Booster. It is quite popular with users due to its user-friendly interface and large driver database. The installation of the drivers that use it is carried out as follows:

  1. First, the user will need to download and run the installation file. The window shown contains a button called "Accept and install" . Click on it to accept the license agreement and start installing the software.
  2. After the installation is complete, the program will start scanning the device and drivers already installed.
  3. Once the procedure is complete, enter the printer model that requires drivers in the search box at the top.
  4. According to the search results, the required device will be found, and all that remains is to press and hold the button "To update" .
  5. In case of a successful installation, a corresponding symbol will appear in front of the section "Printing machine" in the general list of devices, indicating that the latest version of the driver is installed.
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Method 3: Printer ID

This option for installing drivers is less demanding than those discussed above, but can be very effective in cases where standard tools have not been effective. To use this method, the user must first find out the hardware ID through the "Device administrator" . The results obtained must be copied and entered in one of the specialized sites. Based on the search results, multiple driver options for different versions of the operating system will be presented at once. For the HP LaserJet PRO 400 M401DN, you must enter the following information:


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Method 4: System capabilities

The last option is to use system tools. This option is less effective than all the others, but can be used if the user does not have access to third-party resources.

  1. To get started, open the "Control Panel" , which is available in the start menu" .
  2. Open the item «See devices and printers» , which is located in the "Hardware and sound" section .
  3. In the new window, click on «Add printer» .
  4. The device will be scanned. If the printer is found (you need to connect it to your PC first), you just need to click it and then click "Install" . Otherwise, click the button "The printer I want is not on the list" .
  5. Select "Add a local or network printer" from the options presented. Then click Next .
  6. If necessary, select the port to which the device is connected and click Next .
  7. Then find the printer you want. In the first list, select the manufacturer, and in the second, select the required model.
  8. If desired, the user can enter a new name for the printer. Click on Next to continue .
  9. The last step before the installation process will be to set up sharing. The user can grant or restrict access to the device. At the end, click the button "Following" and wait for the procedure to complete.
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The whole process of installing the printer driver takes a little time for the user. In this case, the complexity of a certain installation option must be taken into account, and the first step is to use those that seem simpler.