Enabling Google Account Synchronization on Android

Enabling Google Account Synchronization on Android

Data synchronization with a Google account is a useful function that almost all Android smartphones are equipped with (except, perhaps, devices intended for the Chinese market). Thanks to this function, you can not worry about the security of the content of your address book, email, notes, entries of calendar and other brand applications. Also, if the data is synced, then it can be accessed from any device, you just need to sign in to your Google account.

Activate data sync on an Android smartphone

Most devices Android phones have data sync turned on by default. However, various glitches and/or errors in system operation can cause this feature to be disabled. We will tell you how to turn it on below.

    1. Open the «Configuration» of your smartphone using one of the available methods. To do this, you can touch the icon on the main screen, click on it, but in the application menu, or select the corresponding icon (gear) on the curtain.
    2. In the list of settings, find the item «Users and accounts» (can also be called simply "Accounts" u «Other accounts» ) and open it.
    3. In the list of connected accounts, search for Google and select it.
    4. Now touch the item "Synchronize accounts" . This action will open a list of all branded apps. Depending on the version of the operating system, check the box or activate the toggle switch in front of those services for which you want to enable synchronization.
    5. You can do it a little differently and sync all the data forcibly. To do this, click on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner, or on the button "More" (on devices made by Xiaomi and some other Chinese brands). A small menu will open in which you must select the item "Sync up" .
    6. Now the data of all the applications connected to your Google account will be synchronized.

Note: on some smartphones, you can force data sync in an easier way, using a special icon on the shutter. To do this, you need to go down and find the button "Synchronization" there, made in the form of two circular arrows, and place it in the active position.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in enabling data syncing with your Google account on your Android smartphone.

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Turn on the backup function

Some users refer to syncing that backs up data, that is, it copies information from Google-branded applications to cloud storage. If your task is to back up your application data, address book, messages, photos, videos, and settings, follow these steps:

    1. Open the «Configuration» of your gadget and go to the "System" section . On mobile devices with Android version 7 and earlier, you will first need to select the item "About of the phone" o «About the tablet» depending on what you are using.
    2. Find the item "Backup" (can also be called "Restore and reset" ) and go to it.

Note: On mobile devices with earlier versions of Android, items "Backup" y / o "Restore and reset" they can be located directly in the general section of the configuration.

  1. Set the switch "Upload to Google Drive" in the active position or check the boxes next to the items » Copy de security of data « y "Auto recovery" . The first is typical for smartphones and tablets in the latest version of the operating system, the second - for the older ones.

After completing these simple steps, your data will not only be synced with your Google account, it will also be saved to cloud storage, from where it can always be restored.

Common problems and solutions

In some cases, data syncing with your Google account stops working. There are several reasons for this problem, fortunately it is quite easy to determine and eliminate them.

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Network connectivity issues

Check the quality and stability of your Internet connection. Obviously, in the absence of network access on the mobile device, the function we are considering will not work. Check your connection and, if necessary, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network or find an area with better cellular coverage.

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Auto sync disabled

Make sure that the automatic sync function is enabled on your smartphone (fifth item in the "Activate data sync ..." section).

You are not logged into your Google account

Make sure you are logged into your Google account. It may have been disabled after some kind of glitch or error. In this case, you just need to log back into your account.

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The latest operating system updates are not installed

Your mobile device may need an update. If you have a new version of the operating system available, you must download and install it.

To check for an update, open the "Settings" and one by one go to the elements "System" - "Upgrade system" . If your Android version is lower than 8, you will need to open the section «About phone» .

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In most cases, application and service data synchronization with your Google account is enabled by default. If for some reason it is disabled or not working, the problem is eliminated in just a few simple steps performed in the settings of the smartphone.

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