Error 105035 appeared while viewing in Zoom

Error 105035 appeared while viewing in Zoom.

The use of technology for video conferencing is gaining popularity. One of these cloud-based platforms is Zoom. Nowadays, there are some glitches with the application, which are attributed to new updates or operating system incompatibilities. One of the most common is error 105035. Let's find out what this error means and how to fix it.

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What does the 105035 error mean?

In most cases, this error occurs when trying to display a screen during a video conference. The text of the message that appears is as follows: “Screen sharing has not started. Try again later. Error code: 105035”, which means the demo could not start and asks you to try again later. This error can occur for the following reasons:

  • an installed update interferes with proper operation;
  • The development kit and program client files are using shared computing resources;
  • the program cannot find the necessary files because they have been renamed.

How to fix the problem and remove the error

Error 105035 when displaying the screen in zoom is corrected by following the sequence of steps below:

  1. If there is an open connection in the app, the video session should end. To do this, press the red cross in the upper right corner. This action will end the meeting.
  2. Go to the “Start” menu, select “Control Panel”, “Programs” and go to programs and components.
  3. In the list of programs, find “Zoom”, highlight and right-click “Uninstall/Change” and click “Uninstall”.
  4. Next, go into your Google Chrome browser and type “zoom app for google chrome” in the search bar. Start the search.
  5. When the search results appear, click on the first link “Zoom – Google Chrome”. This will take you to the online store page.
  6. In the opened window, click “Install” (or “Run”) and then “Install Application”. If installed before, the app will start without installation.
  7. If there are no more errors, it's done, the screen is accessible.
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If the error cannot be cleared, check the application files on your computer as they may have been changed or renamed. List of files to check:

  • control application file;
  • The file to organize the server part of the application;
  • boot file;
  • Service activation file;
  • Library of methods for working with the application;
  • A dynamic library of cloud platform methods;
  • dynamic extension library;
  • 64-bit server-side application service.

As of the fourth version of the app, the given file names may look like this

  • The file to run the server part of the application has been renamed to zcscpthost.exe;
  • The startup file is renamed to zCSCptService.exe.

The zoom screen demo error 105035 occurs on different devices, so a one-size-fits-all approach to fixing the problem may not be effective. To resolve the issue for specific hardware, please contact the official support site of the app developer.

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