Error code 0x0000003b in Windows 10

Error code 0x0000003b in Windows 10

In most cases, error code 0x0000003b occurs due to driver failure or driver incompatibility. It can also be caused by the malfunction of hardware components and the corruption of some system files.

Method 1: Fix the driver

If the error occurs after installing new or updating old drivers, or replacing hardware, it is likely caused by faulty drivers, including incompatible hardware components. If Windows is still able to boot, uninstall the installed driver and, if the driver has been updated, roll back to the previous version that worked.

    1. Run "Device administratorOpen the context menu of the button "Start". and select there the element of the same name.
    2. In the window "Device administrator" Find the hardware component whose driver has been installed or updated and open it "Properties"..

  1. In the window that opens, go to the tab "Driver". and press the button "Back".if you want to restore the previous version of the driver, or "Delete"if necessary uninstall/reinstall the driver.
  2. The driver can also be uninstalled using the classic applet "Programs and components". To open it, press on the keyboard the keys Win + REnter the command in the start dialog appwiz.cpl and press the key I went into.
  3. Find the problematic driver in the list of programs and components, mark it and press "Uninstall". and follow the instructions of the wizard.
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You can also use special software to uninstall, find and install drivers. If you want to see these solutions, follow the links below.

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Method 2: Return the hardware configuration

If you replaced hardware components before the 0x0000003b error - video card, RAM, network card, and the like - restore the old hardware configuration, if possible. The absence of an error will be a direct indication of component compatibility issues. Make sure your new hardware is compatible with other motherboard components.

Method 3: Cancel overclocking

Occurrence of error code 0x0000003b has been reported many times after overclocking the graphics card, CPU or RAM. If such a procedure has been performed, reset the settings to default values ​​in the program that was used for overclocking.

Method 4: Check the RAM

Another cause of error 0x0000003b is faulty RAM. RAM memory problems can be detected using standard Windows tools or special third-party utilities. Let's take an overview of using the tools built into the system.

    1. pressing the keys Win + R open the quick command window, run the command mdsched.exe.
    2. The window will open. "Windows Memory Check Tools". Select option “Perform a reboot and check (recommended).”.

  1. When the check is complete, the computer will restart automatically. In this case, in the «Event log» A report of the analysis performed will be generated. To open the record, in the Win + R run command eventvwr.msc.
  2. Ir a "Windows logs"."System" and search for an event "MemoryDiagnostics-Results". This will be the report.
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If the report contains errors, you will need to remove all but one memory card and turn on your computer. The blue screen of death will directly indicate that the RAM module is faulty and needs to be replaced accordingly. The rest of the RAM modules should be checked in the same way.

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Method 5: Swap File

If the error screen indicates the problematic files "ntoskrnl.exe", "hal.dll", "ntfs.sys" or "win32k.sys", there is a possibility that the problem is caused by a virtual memory failure – swap file. Delete it or recreate it.

  1. Open the Quick Commands window, as shown in Method 4and run the command on it systempropertiesperformance.
  2. Change in the window that opens "Performance Settings". plug "Additional features". and on the block "Virtual memory". press the button "Change"..
  3. Uncheck the box in "Automatically select swap file size"activate the radio button "No paging file"Pulse "Set". and save the changes made.
  4. Restart your computer.

This will remove the swap file. If after deleting the scratch file the performance of the computer decreases, enable the swap file by opening the "Performance Settings" window. and this time check the checkbox on "Automatically select swap file size", press "Set". and save the settings.

Method 6: Check the system files

It is advisable to rule out system file corruption, which can also cause the 0x0000003b error. To do this, use the built-in console utility "SFC".

  1. Open as administrator "Command line". o "PowerShell".
  2. Run the command in the console sfc /scannow and wait for the check to complete. If corruptions are found, the utility will automatically repair them.
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If an error occurs during a scan by the utility "SFC" use the recommendations of the following material.

Read more: Using and Restoring System File Integrity Checks in Windows 10

If none of the methods described above have worked, try rolling back to the system restore point, and if that doesn't help, perform a reset or reinstall Windows.

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