Change Fibertel Wi-Fi password

As we know today, the use of Wi-Fi has become essential, as it is a practical way to keep several devices connected to a network. One of the brands that is usually sold is the Fibertel Wifi, so today we will show you how change fibertel wifi password.

Believe it or not, changing the Fibertel Wifi password turns out to be very important and the truth is that we never pay attention to it. But, we are sure that once you read the importance of changing it, as soon as you finish reading it, you will change it.

fibertel modem

As if that were not enough, as we are always thinking of your benefit, we will also explain the steps so that configure your Fibertel Wifi. So, do not wait any longer and continue with this interesting reading.

Importance of changing the Fibertel Wifi password

It has become normal to use the Fibertel Wi-Fi without changing the factory password that it already comes with, because we really do not see any inconvenience in that. This happens for many reasons, but mainly because we don't know how to configure it and therefore, using it with the password that it already comes with is much more practical.

However, you should know that it is very important that you change the key that comes with your Wi-Fi, because otherwise you will be exposed and you could be a victim of hackers. As you read, these malicious people usually break into networks with different programs that are not personalized, since it is easier to do so.

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Obviously, by violating your privacy and accessing your network, they can even steal information from your devices, which is really a serious problem. Well, it's not just that they use your network for free, but in turn you can even be a victim of identity theft.

So before you think about your comfort, think better about your safety and do not use your Fibertel Wifi anymore without changing the password. In this way, in the next point, read the steps so that you can make this change quickly and as easily as possible.

Steps to configure Fibertel Wifi

Knowing the importance of changing the Fibertel Wi-Fi password, we will show you, step by step, how to modify it. You will realize that it is much easier than you thought and also in a matter of seconds you will have already made the modification.

configure a fibertel router

First you should know that there are several Fibertel Wi-Fi that exist, for that reason we will explain the steps you must follow in each one. You only have to find which model you have, so that you can configure it with the instructions that we will mention below:

Cisco DPC3848VE Technicolor Modem

For this model you must apply the following steps:

  • Enter from your browser at the address
  • When entering the page, write down "admin" where it says "User" and "cisco" in "Password".
  • Click on “Wireless” and then on “Radio Settings”.
  • Then select "Wireless Network Name (SSID)" there you will put a name for the 2.4GHz network and one for the 5GHz network.
  • After placing the name, save the modifications in “Save Settings”.
  • Then click on “Wireless” again and then on “Wireless Security”.
  • Where it says “Pre-Shared Key” enter the new password for both networks
  • Finally, save the changes in “Save Settings”.
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Motorola SGB901 and SBG901 Router

In the case of these two models, the configuration is done as follows:

  • From your browser go to
  • When entering “Username” type “admin” in and “Password” type “Motorola”.
  • Once inside, click on “Wireless” and then on “Primary Network”.
  • Then mark “Network Name (SSID)” and enter the new name of the Wifi.
  • Then go to “WPA Pre-Shared Key”, enter the new password.
  • Press "Apply" and voila!

Model Sagemcom FAST 3686

For this model, follow these directions to set up:

  • From your browser enter this page
  • In “Username” and “Password” write “admin”.
  • Once inside, click on “Wireless” and then on “Wireless Network”.
  • Then mark "Name SSID" there you will place the new name of your network.
  • Press “Security Options” and go to the “Key” option, enter the new password and mark “Apply”.

Cisco DPC2320 Model

In this case, the process is carried out as follows:

  • Access this page from your favorite browser.
  • When entering, you will be asked for the username and password, do not enter anything and mark "Login".
  • Then go to “Wireless” you click on “Security” and on the option “WPA Pre-Shared Key” enter the new password and check “Apply”.

Cisco DPC3828D

If you have this Wifi model, perform the configuration following these instructions:

  • Go to your browser and enter the following address
  • When entering, it will ask you for a username and password, so you must enter "admin" and "cisco" respectively.
  • Click on “Setup” and then on “Quick setup”.
  • When you enter, click on “Network Name (SSID)” and you change the name to the network.
  • Finally, in “Passphrase” write the new password and press “Save”.
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Cisco DPC3825

In this latest Wifi model, the configuration is done following these points:

  • Go to your browser and type
  • In “Username” and in “Password” type “admin” and mark “Login”. If it doesn't work for you, do it again, but leave the options blank and press “Login”.
  • From the options that appear select “Wireless Network Name” change the name.
  • Finally, in “Pre-Shared Key” mark a new password and click on “Save settings”.

How did you notice, it's incredibly easy and fast change fibertel wifi password, all you have to do is follow these steps to the letter. Best of all, is that by doing this you can feel safe and confident, because your network will be kept safe from anyone who wants to enter it without your permission.

So if you have already managed to change the password of your Wifi Fibertel, do not hesitate to continue reading our blog. Also invite your family and friends to do so, so that just like you learn to do new things.