Files - a handy file manager for Windows 11 and Windows 10

Files - a handy file manager for Windows 11 and Windows 10

The Classic Explorer Windows 10 or the new variant of Windows 11 Explorer are not so bad, but they lack many things: support for tabs, operation in multi-pane mode, practical appearance adjustments. All this is present in the free alternative file manager Files, a project with exceptionally positive reviews.

In this brief review on the basic features of the Files file manager that may interest the user who finds the standard Windows explorer uncomfortable. If you wish, you can go directly to the video review at the end of the article.

File Upload - File Manager for Windows

The Files file manager is completely free, open source, and available for download and installation:

Using the Files file manager

The file manager is completely available in Russian, so immediately after launching it you shouldn't have any problem using it: all the basic functions are implemented in a way that is close to what any Windows 11 or Windows 10 user is used to. And if you add to this the possibility of using a browser, you will immediately find out how to use the tabs.

If you see an icon you don't understand, click on it to quickly get an idea of ​​its purpose: for example, we can customize the appearance of the home page in Files

Or activate the file preview area.

Don't forget the right mouse button context menus on items: tab headers, left panel sections, files and folders; you can also find useful functions in them.

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The behavior of the file manager and some additional functions can be activated in the program settings (go to settings by clicking the icon to the right of the search field):

  • Appearance - Configuration of the appearance of the Archives, in particular - design themes. By the way, you can create your own design themes for the application in XAML format. Ready themes are available on the GitHub Files Community To open the folder where you want to copy the theme files, click the information icon in the "Custom themes" options section.
  • When it is released. - Here you can set how the file manager will behave when it starts up and how the folders will be opened: in a new tab or in a new window.
  • Preferences - language selection, default terminal application, date format and others.
  • Sidebar - Activation and deactivation of elements in the left panel.
  • multitasking - The inclusion of the double panel mode (disabled by default) is interesting.
  • Files and folders - Settings to show, sort and open files and folders. Possibility to store separate settings for different folders.
  • Experiments - Experimental functions of the file manager, for example, include it as the default file manager in Windows. Of current interest are the color labels for files and folders (once activated, they can be assigned via the context menu).


In short, Files is a file manager Very interesting freeware for Windows 11 and Windows 10, but not without its nuances: for example, it can load the CPU much more than the standard browser when actively running.