Fix error 0x8004242d when formatting a drive in Windows 10

Fix error 0x8004242d when formatting a drive in Windows 10

Error code 0x8004242d occurs early in the Windows 10 installation when the drive is automatically formatted. In most cases it is due to corruption of the drive's file system or partition structure, but in rare cases it is due to hardware issues with the hard drive or its connection.

Method 1: Run "chkdsk"

The solution is to check the partition's file system for logical errors and correct them. To do this, you can use the utility built into your Windows distribution “chkdsk”.

  1. Boot the computer from the installation stick and when the installation wizard screen appears, press the key combination Shift + F10.
  2. At the opening "Command line". run the commands diskpart и list volumeto list the logical partitions with their letters. Determine the letter of the partition on which Windows is installed.
  3. Terminate the console utility "DiskPart" with the command exit and immediately execute the command chkdsk /f /r X:where X – the letter of the partition to check, defined in the last step.

When the check is complete and logical errors are corrected, repeat the partition formatting procedure.

Method 2: Wipe a partition

If the error occurs after selecting the option "Format". in the Windows installer, try to abandon the idea of ​​formatting the partition by going directly to the creation procedure.

  1. Highlight the partition that got a format error in the Windows Installer window and click "Delete"..
  2. With the resulting Unallocated space highlighted, press the key "Create".and then "Apply"..
  3. Don't push the button. "Format".Instead, just click "Next". and continue with the operating system installation procedure.
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Method 3: Disk Cleanup

A radical and most effective way to fix the problem, which is to delete all partitions and data on your hard drive.

  1. Booting the computer from an installation flash drive and opening "Command request." as demonstrated in Method 1run the following commands one after another
    list disk (если в компьютере установлено от двух накопителей, обращайте внимание на объем каждого из них, чтобы выбрать цифру проблемного диска)
    select disk 0 (вместо "0" в вашем случае может быть другая цифра)
  2. This will erase all partitions and data on the drive. To close Command Prompt.Click on the Windows Deployment Wizard window "Following" and continue with the Windows installation as normal.

Method 4: Drive Fault Check

If you cannot solve the problem using the software, you should check that your hard drive is in good working order. At home, you can use a program like Victoria to diagnose the units, but if you don't have the proper knowledge, it's best to ask a service center for help.

Download Victoria

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