Fix protocol negotiation error in TeamViewer

Fix protocol negotiation error in TeamViewer

Often when working with TeamViewer software, various problems or errors can occur. One of them is the situation in which a message appears when trying to connect with an interlocutor: "Protocol negotiation error".. There are several reasons why it occurs. Let's consider them.

Fixing the bug.

The error occurs because you and the other party are using different protocols. Let's find out how to fix it.

Cause 1: Different software versions

If you have a version of TeamViewer installed and your colleague has a different version, this error may occur. In this case:

    1. You and the partner must check which version of the program is installed by whom. This can be done by looking at the signature of the program shortcut on the desktop, or you can start the program and select the section from the top menu "Help"..

  1. That's where we need the article "About TeamViewer"..
  2. See the software versions and compare who has a different one.
  3. Then you have to act according to the circumstances. If one has the latest version and the other has an old one, then you should visit the official website and download the latest one. And if you both have different ones, then you and your partner should:
  • Checked, the problem should be fixed.

Cause 2: TCP / IP protocol configuration

The error may be due to the fact that you and your partner have different TCP / IP protocol settings in your Internet connection settings. Therefore, they must be made the same:

    1. Ir a "Control Panel"..
    2. There you have it. "Network and Internet"..
    3. Next "View network status and tasks".

  1. Choose "Change adapter parameters.".
  2. There you must select the network connection and enter its properties.
  3. Check the checkbox as shown in the screenshot.
  4. Now select "Properties"..
  5. Check that the acceptance of the DNS address and protocol data is automatic.
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After doing all the above steps, the connection between you and your partner will work again and you will be able to connect with each other seamlessly.

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