Free TeamViewer analogs

Free TeamViewer analogs

TeamViewer allows you to manage your computer remotely. For home use, the program is free, but for commercial use, you will need a license worth 24900 XNUMX rubles. Therefore, the free alternative to TeamViewer will save you a good amount of money.


This software gives you the ability to remotely control your computer. The program is multiplatform. It is divided into two parts: the client and also the server. The TightVNC has a good security feature. You can block access to the computer to certain IP addresses, as well as set a password.

There are two ways to start the program: Service - the program will be in the background and will wait for connection, and Define the user - manual start. For maximum security, you can activate the prohibition of remote data entry. The language of the program is English. Its interface is almost the same as that of all similar programs.

Download TightVNC from the official website

Lite Manager Free.

With this tool, any user, even those who do not know anything about computers and programs, can manage the work machine remotely. This can be done both over the local network and the Internet.

It is possible to connect to a communication partner not only by identification, but also by IP address. The program has an intuitive and Russified interface, in contrast to its previous counterpart. Also its functionality is broader.

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Download LiteManager Free from the official website


This program contains all the functions of similar products and is compatible with modern graphical interfaces. Here you can do everything that can be done in TeamViewer, but with one important advantage: increased speed. Unlike TightVNC and Lite Manager, this client is the fastest. AnyDesk offers stable and fast operation at an internet speed of 100 kbit per second.

Download AnyDesk.

Chrome remote desktop

It is not a complete program like TightVNC, Lite Manager or AnyDesk, but a browser extension. However, it has a number of advantages. For example, it is lightweight and easy to configure and manage, which can be said for not all of the analogs mentioned here. Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to configure your computer or share it with others. If you use the Google browser, it will configure and sync itself after installation.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop


This program is another solution to access a PC remotely. Although versions can be found for all popular platforms, the server required for remote access can only be installed on Linux, which is a direct disadvantage compared to the aforementioned counterparts. The program supports sound and offers the possibility of connecting to a printer. The reliable SSH channel is used to connect to the PC. In addition, the software allows you to run a separate application on the server.

Download X2GO from the official website

Ammyy Admin

It is a small utility with which you can connect very easily to your PC remotely. It contains only the most important tools in its functionality. Unlike all the analogues mentioned, this product is portable and does not require installation. Ammyy Admin works both over the LAN and over the Internet. The functions are simple and you don't have to study them. Any user can find out how to handle it.

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Download Ammy Admin

Now you can grab a TeamViewer analog if the latter doesn't suit you in some way.

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