Free Google Play Codes and Cards

If you are here today it is because you want to find gift cards and codes to change into Google Play. You have probably come across the popular code generators without getting what you were looking for, as they will only waste your time by sending you to another external page with no results.

Before you continue reading you have to understand that the Google Play code generators DO NOT WORK, their objective is to have you on their website for a long time so that you end up entering your data on other third-party websites and then send you advertising or other commercial purposes.

google play code generator not working

The purpose is for you to sign up for an outside subscription service in exchange for the code for the Play Store. You can carry out the test right now, search for a Google Play card generator and wait for the result, even if you register on other pages the code is never created, if it were that simple, no one would pay for it and companies like Netflix they would be ruined.

This does not mean that the alternative of earning free cards for Google Play does not remain, but change you will have to do some small jobs or simple tasks. We are going to tell you a little about how to carry out this advantage.

Free Google Play Cards and Codes

Google Play is a service that comes pre-installed on all Android smartphones and was previously popular as "Android Market" or plain "Play Store".

get gift cards google play free movies

Just like Apple stands out for having iTunes and all Payment, Google Play offers several free services so that the user can enjoy the end without spending money.

Why are the crowd looking for free codes?

Just like it happens in real life, Google Play provides subscription services and paid that includes functions that the free editions do not offer, such as, among other things, some apps, ebooks, movies and music without limits in the style of Amazon Music Unlimited.

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It is very practical to be at home and pay a reduced price for rent a movie you're going to have usable for 30 days or if you want to acquire it and have it saved for life in your multimedia library.

Other people directly use Google PAY as a payment procedure, similar to Paypal, because several establishments are incorporating it. Examples of stores that support Google Pay They are El Corte Inglés, Airbnb and Repsol etc.

google pay earn free money

En this link you can see all the shopping centers that accept Google PAY as a payment system, in relation to the place You can also pay in physical store, you simply have to turn on the phone and place it on top of the dataphone.

All stores that show the GPay symbol assume that they accept it as a means of payment and then you can pay. Although the truth is that most seek gift cards to purchase online, it is more practical and you do not have to move.

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Can you transfer money from Google Play to Paypal?

No, if you already have money in your Google Pay account, all you have to do is spend it. But do not get impatient if you are attracted to anything on the Internet, as we have already said, you can spend the balance in physical establishments.

In this situation, you must change the code of the Google Play card so that the balance is saved in your GPay and use it somewhere attached.

Where to find free cards Google Play

If you are reading this today, today you are NOT going to find a free code since first you have to work on the internet pages that I show you now and later you will have the possibility of requesting the gift card as a reward.

If you have no idea how to start, don't get impatient, I'll leave a link so you can see the clarification of the aspect in each interface.

paid surveys

How do you feel if I tell you to earn GPAY codes for offering your opinion? We are talking about answering inquiries from home or anywhere with a network connection and receiving money for this. Some companies pay with Google Play cards and others by Paypal, so you will have the possibility to top up your account whenever you want.

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These websites pay you to view ads and propaganda from your PC or cell phone. They also accept you to make money in Paypal or in the bank account where you have associated the card with which you pay Google Play. The more configurations you use, the more profits you receive, you can check it already.


The good thing about using apps is that you can take them anywhere and they allow you to earn GPAY balance from anywhere. You already know that you can top up your discount coupons, gift codes or prepaid cards for Google Play, but these apps also pay through Paypal, so you won't have a problem always having your account topped up.

King of prizes

We decided to make a single section for this website because it has direct prizes that look like Google Play cards. We are talking about viewing advertisements and paid advertising, filling promotions and carrying out tasks – investigations. They added a part of games where you have the chance to earn complementary Koins (points). In this image you can see that you can request Google play gift card in USD, euros and Pounds. It is usable in some country. Enter the website »

king of prizes pay on google play card

Point Prizes

This interface is a bomb because it has thousands of sections to earn points that can be exchanged for G-PAY cards, cryptocurrencies or money. In this text I have left all the coupons that you can change on the web adding a total of 500 points as soon as you start. Videos, homework, research and much more.

To play

Some fan of video games wants to make money playing and then spend it wherever they want, among other things to have credit for life in their Google Play account. Here you can check a catalog with the games currently so that you can change premeditated prizes to credit for Netflix.

free bets

We are talking about a completely free veteran sports betting website where you play with points. Bets on events are made exclusively with points and if we stay at zero, the next day we will have 4000 in our account isn't it spectacular?

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It is difficult to find particular interfaces that pay in Google Play checks, however we have thousands of websites that pay in Paypal so that you can use it directly in your GooglePay account.

There are many more interfaces that pay in Paypal and by bank transfer, you only have to write your query in the search engine of this blog and you will automatically see what you are trying to find.

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how to get free gift cards and promotional codes on google play

How to change a gift card or promotional code

In only three steps you will have the possibility to change the balance of a gift card in Google Play:

  1. Open the Google Play app
  2. Look for the REDEEM tab
  3. Write the code in the box

redeem a google play gift card or code

The balance will automatically be added to your G Pay account. You can spend that money on the services provided by the Play Store or in the associated online and physical stores.

"I can't change a code" because an error message or some other failure appears. In this situation you will have to get in touch with the sustenance so that they can give you assistance.

The sale of the gift card can only be refunded if you are the person who has bought the promotional code, if it has been given to you or you have won it on a website, you will not be entitled to a refund.

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Buy Google Play gift card

You will always have the alternative of purchasing a gift card or because you consider it to be a more reliable procedure or for yourself, in this situation you can purchase it from your account or find out the stores where they sell Google Play codes.

A few years ago you can find out usable balance on Google Play accessing your account and clicking on PAYMENT METHODS. You will display the usable balance in this way as the expiration time of the money.

Previously, Google did not provide the opportunity to find out the money in Google Pay, there was only the alternative of spending it all before it expired. At this time we do not have that inconvenience, in fact we will receive an alert when our money is about to expire.

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