The 10 Best Programs For Webcam. Webcams

Most of us use a front-facing camera on our laptop or tablet just for video conferencing. Skype. However, the camera in Windows gadgets can be used for much more than that, if combined with the right program.

Therefore, we can find 10 camera apps for Windows 10 that will help you use the full potential of your webcam. All the apps on this list are very well compatible with the Windows 10 operating system, but most of them also work well on older editions of Windows.

All of these programs have something unique to offer, so depending on what you want to do with your webcam, you can choose the right software for you. Most of these programs are free, but some also have premium editions, since we have tried to cover all the accessible configurations.

Check out our list of the special video recording and image capturing software for Windows 10 now.

What is the best program to use on a webcam in Windows 10?

Simplest to use: ManyCam (recommended)


ManyCam is perhaps the most recognizable software on the list (and the most notable, in our opinion), since it is undoubtedly among the most popular. This utility is probably the most remarkable free virtual webcam program out there. Although it is impossible to compare with YouCam 7, in terms of properties, it still gives a handful of usable configurations.

The highlight of ManyCam is that this utility is very malleable, since it supports various programs and services. So, you can integrate it as a camera source for Skype, carry out video game material with the ability to capture games, it also supports embedding with YouTube.

The best alternative for beginners

  • Direct high quality video
  • Live streaming and webcasts
  • Screen recording

Get ManyCam Free Get ManyCam Pro Right Now

Another great thing about this program is that no real camera is required to record video. You can use an Android app called ManyCam Mobile Source, to connect your Android gadget with ManyCam, and use its camera as a webcam on your PC.

ManyCam is freely usable and free, and you can download it from this link. In addition, this program also has Enterprise and Pro editions, with even more features.

CyberLink YouCam 7

CyberLink YouCam 7

CyberLink YouCam 7 belongs to the most fully featured webcam apps for Windows 10. You can use the CyberLink program mainly for some video recording – capturing images, videos, or even for video monitoring. Unfortunately, CyberLink does not provide a freeware version of this program, as there are two options: Deluxe ($44.95), and Standard ($34.95).

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Updated: the freeware version was released and can be downloaded from the following link.

But you should not be skeptical about paying for YouCam 7, because the program was created by CyberLink, which belongs to the largest and most reliable companies in the business. Of course, the list of properties varies in these two editions. Logically, the level edition gives less functionality than the Deluxe.

In relation to the properties, the recording is, of course, the main purpose of this program, but it also gives a wide variety of effects. You can add numerous entertaining effects, frames, screens, filters, and emoticons as well. It also has a finished video editor, to improve your videos even more. There's even a monitoring method, to monitor your home cameras while you're away.

Logitech Webcam Software


Logitech belongs to the world's best known webcam developers. So it is reasonable that the company has its webcam program. So, if you have Logitech's webcam, probably the best alternative is to use your webcam program as well.

With this program, you can capture images and record videos from your system's webcam. It also comes with some complementary settings, like the ability to change the sensitivity of the camera, or to turn on motion detection. The Logitech Webcam program also has a monitoring mode, perfect for cameras in your home.

You can download Logitech's Webcam software from this link.



Yawcam is another free utility to capture images and videos with your webcam. It is very simple to use, but that does not mean that it lacks some good features. On the contrary, Yawcam has a huge set of features inside that you can use to make your recordings better.

With Yawcam, you have the ability to capture regular video recordings, but you can also stream your video directly online. This is good for recordings on YouTube, and for Twitch streams. It also has a huge array of motion sensors and a monitoring method, which makes this program an acceptable alternative for this purpose. Also, there are some other properties like time scheduling and taking snapshots.

Yawcam's user interface is so easy that you will be impressed by the amount of functionality it provides. But at the end of the day, it's nice to have a lot of properties packaged into one user-friendly framework.

You can download Yawcam freely and free of charge from this link .



SplitCam is a free video capture program, recognizable by the number of features it provides. This program is also perfect for streaming, so you can use it to catch quality online content. SplitCam also makes it easy for you to add effects to the output video and supports numerous resolutions, so you can choose the highest possible quality for your recordings.

In addition, SplitCam gives an extensive variety of effects and filters, so you can make your video even better with these additions. SplitCam also has the ability to add XNUMXD masks to your video, which is undoubtedly a very fun touch. Plus there are a few other perks, like the opportunity to work in split screen, integrate the software with numerous ongoing services, and more. It also works with most of the communication program, so you can also use it as a source in these apps.

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So, if you need a free program that is free to use, but with many features, you should consider SplitCam.

If you want to download SplitCam, you can get it for free from this link.

Windows 10 camera

Windows 10 camera

Windows 10 has its own camera app, and we just have to mention it. Not because Windows 10 Camera is the preferable alternative, or because it offers more features than other programs, but simply because many people choose Windows built-in apps and utilities to some satisfaction of others. So if you don't want to have any add-ons, but still want to use your camera properly, you should finally stick with the Windows Camera OS.

When we talk about properties, the camera application of Windows 10 finally it is not the preferable one in this field. It has some simple properties inside, but it can't challenge the most used options of others. Anyway, when you open the app, you're only going to see two buttons: catch and record. Then you can take a photo or record a video.

Of course, you can open the settings and add some changes, like adding a framing grid, or shrinking the flicker, but again, the functionalities are very simple. The built-in Windows 10 camera also works with most communication services, so if you use your webcam just to chat with your friends or family, you essentially don't need any added alternatives, so the Windows 10 camera it is anyway a solid satisfaction.

IP camera viewer

IP camera viewer

The primary purpose of the IP camera viewer is the monitoring of the place of life. This is the most remarkable program to connect all surveillance cameras in your house, and track them all at once. The IP Camera Viewer supports the wide variety of webcams, so it can be an affordable satisfaction to put your living or working space in view of the cameras.

The viewer of IP camera It has a very clear and easy-to-use working platform, so you shouldn't have any trouble working with this utility, even if you have numerous cameras connected. Talking about multiple cameras, the IP camera viewer supports well over 4 cameras simultaneously, so basically you can view your entire house.

As you have surely noticed, all the programs on this list have a monitoring method, but none is as advanced as IP Camera View. So if you want to edit your PC into a surveillance camera center, IP Camera Viewer is the one and only program you will need.

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If you want to download the IP camera viewer, you can do it freely and free of charge from this link.

Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Software

Debut Video Capture Program is not your regular video recording program. The main purpose of this program is screen capture and recording, but it also has many settings to adjust the video output of your webcam, even better than some apps whose purpose is only that. That's why we decided to put this show on our list of special TV shows. webcam for Windows.

This program makes it easy for you to capture videos (both from the screen and from your webcam) in numerous formats, including VI, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4, etc. This utility is so versatile that it even makes it easy for you to catch videos from outside sources, such as IP webcams, among other things. In addition to this, Debut Video Capture gives some more properties, such as highlighting the mouse.

Debut Video Capture is surely the most useful when you are recording gameplay videos or manuals for YouTube. Basically it makes it easy for you to carry out all the work in one program, capturing the screen and recording from your webcam.

If you want to download Debut Video Capture Program, you can do it freely from this link. It also has a premium edition, which is usable for the value of $49.99.

Webcam Toy with webcam

webcam Toy

Webcam Toy is not a real webcam program, but a web-based utility for recording video and capturing images. The main virtue of this utility is given that it can be accessed from an interface, since it is based on a browser, so it should not be Windows 10.

However, Webcam Toy is a very simple utility, which does not provide many properties. Basically, it's just an edit based on the camera app's webpage within Windows 10, with some different properties. You have some simple setups like double mirror and upside down, but that's about it.

To use Webcam Toy, you just have to enter the website, accept access to your webcam and start recording. It is not required to create an account. If you want to evaluate this further, visit their official page site.



This is an amazing utility that you can use on your webcam that will let you take pictures, record videos, and use numerous filters and effects. MyCam is simple to use and also makes it easy for you to communicate the content you have developed with your mobile device.

A great feature that you could use while having video dialogs via your webcam is the opportunity to make MP4 or GIF files that you have the possibility to communicate with your friends. It also creates a dedicated book to save all your videos and images. This utility has a freeware version that you can use, but it will leave a watermark on your files. To unlock more features and get rid of the watermark, you will need to purchase a license.

  • Get MyCam right now from the official website

That's it for our top ten picks for the most outstanding webcam software for Windows 10. We provide you with numerous settings, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Let us know what you think about our setups, or if you have any useful things to add to the list, in the comments below.