How to download ebooks from XYZ Free Books in 2022

One of the most used options when searching for books on the internet is, without a doubt, librogratisxyz, one of the few internet websites that, yes, use some advertising, but they do not ask you to register, or to enter your mobile phone or anything strange. A completely legal and easy to use website.

What is XYZ Free Books

The content you will see in Free Books XZY, of course, violates the rights of the author and creator, in the same way as the rest of the pages that claim to be able to download books completely free of charge without the need to pay anything to the authors or publishers at any time.

For the developers of this website, it is a business, a business that has server expenses and a fairly optimal care and maintenance work. That is why they need to use advertising, to keep the web as well as they can within the legal field.

en Free Books XYZ

To support these costs, XZY Free Books has advertising inside in addition to donations. The advertisement, in the same way as other Internet download pages, opens automatically when we click on a download link, which is why at first it can confuse the user, making him understand that it is simply another page that communicates free books but that really does not give any type of content.

However, it is not this way. Through XZY Free Books we have at our disposal well over 16.000 books to download. But in addition, we also have the possibility of joining the Facebook social network, a private group with some strict rules that we must comply with at all times if we want to be part of it.

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Through this group, we have the possibility of carry out book requests that are not listed on your website, in addition to entering other types of content and being informed at all times of all the news on this website. It also makes available to those who read regularly a channel through Telegram where you can also communicate books, request new titles...

What gives us Free Books XYZ

The first thing we must be clear about site is your address. If we do a Google search for free books, the search results will show a huge set of results containing the expressions free, books and xyz for deceive us and that we end up on their website, internet pages that in 100% of the situations, do not present us with the opportunity to download any book.

These internet pages only want our credit card details, inviting us to create an account on a website that offers us access to unlimited reading and to have the possibility of viewing a series or movie through the Internet. Although they invite us to evaluate the service for 7 days completely free of charge, it requires us to enter our credit card information to check our notes.

offering free books xyz

An absurd verification given that our credit card numbers are associated with data that only our bank has income, completely no other. At this time that we clearly know that there is only one website and internet that is truly the original, let's see what it gives us.

Free Books XZY makes it easy for us search for books, browse by authors or learn about the different categories where all the books that they present to us are accessible completely free of charge:

  • Self Help
  • Autobiographies
  • Science fiction
  • Comedy
  • Contemporary
  • Financial education
  • Erotic
  • Fable
  • Fantasía
  • Fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Philosophy
  • Tourist guide
  • Humour
  • Research
  • Juvenil
  • Leadership
  • Literature
  • Mystery
  • Narrative
  • Pink novel
  • Journalism
  • Psychology
  • Romance
  • Suspense
  • Trading
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By pressing on all these categories (they are detailed in the right section of the web page), all the books related to each genre will be exposed and we have the possibility of downloading it in a light and simple way, carrying out the steps that we expose now if you do not want to download a virus or entering propaganda internet pages in an endless loop.

If you want to understand what the latest news that came to this website is, we have the possibility of knowing the Last minute part, where the latest books that came to this interface are detailed, where we can find books in PDF format. Beyond the fact that it is true that other formats also communicate, we should NOT download it at any time, since they are files that Windows will detect them as malicious files.

How to download or download free books from XYZ Free Books

If you wish to download books from Free Books XYZ without abandoning the attempt, now we expose you the procedures that must be carried out to achieve it lightly and easily.

The first thing we must take into account is that all the books are in PDF format, so we have the possibility of reading them on a gadget. Beyond the fact that it is true that in some books it is exposed, it has the option of downloading the book in ePUB format, we should never click on that link, since it will download a compressed file with the name of the book and .exe extension. By decompressing the file, Windows will detect that it is a Trojan and will automatically remove it from our system.[/asap_note]

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Once we are clear that we just have to download files in PDF format, we go to the tab of the book we want to download. In most situations, we must press a few times until entering, since thanks to the advertising that the page has inside, links to other internet pages are opened.

Download free books xy

Now, we scroll to the bottom of the book page, in the part Links. In order to enter the download link, we must enter the key that is exposed right now, which in 2022 for all books is librogratisxyz.


Now two download configurations will be exposed: Alternative 1 and Alternative 2. If the first alternative does not work, we will click on alternative 2. All these configurations show us an icon with the format that we want to download, a format that, as I have commented above, we only have to choose PDF, not ePUB or some other format that we manage to suggest.

Once we have entered the password to enter the link, we have the possibility to continue exploring the entire website to download some content that is usable without the need to re-enter the password. Once we close the browser tab, we will log out of the web, so the next time we go back in, we must re-enter the password the first time.

To consider

As I have commented above, this site is full of propaganda, so as far as possible, it is advisable to visit it from a PC whose browser integrates a propaganda blocker, given that otherwise, windows will always be exposed that invite us to enter false news about investments primarily, to pornographic content, to pages that give us acquisition cards in a miraculous way...

If you have not just clarified yourself with this guide to download free books, you can contact me through the contact form to guide you in your concerns or search for free book choices XYZ.