Frostmourne: Origin, Powers, Curse and Much More

Next in this article we will let you know all the most important details about the Frostmourne so that you are able to discover each of the details, the mystery, its history, the origin and many other things.

Necessary information from Frostmourne

All the details about Frostmourne

Frostmourne or also known as Frostbite in Spanish, it is the Sword Frostmourne special which Ner'zhul, being the previous Lich ruler managed to nail on his throne of ice from Northrend wanting to get Arthas Menethil (who was his great assistant) to be the one to find him.

That is why we take the time to find out every little detail about this Frostmourne so that you are able to know all the necessary information.

History Frostmourne

Murudin Bronzebeard, who was a famous dwarf explorer who was seen in Northrend before he disappeared, was looking for a weapon named as Frostmourne, of which he had heard several times. Back then, Arthas Menethil and his companions arrived in the frozen area; The moment the hosts belonging to Mal'Ganis began to surround them, Muradin and Arthas wished to claim the Frostmourne.

The sword was in the custody of The Guardian, and although different spirits wanted to warn Arthas of the great danger that was approaching, he preferred to ignore the warnings and destroyed it. Upon finding the sword, Muradin interpreted the following message from the space where the message was written:

«Whoever takes this sword will wield eternal power. Like a knife cuts through flesh, too much power can scar the spirit. "

On the other hand, Marudin discovered that said sword was cursed, but however Arhas announced that he was capable of withstanding anything in order to improve his homeland; It was for this reason that he decided to invoke each of the spirits of the place. Once he managed to repeat all the words correctly, the ice covering the weapon exploded.

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A fragment fell on Marudin before disappearing, at first it was believed that he had passed away, although shortly after he was recognized as the king of the Frostborn. Ignoring what happened, Arthas took the sword and carried out an attack against Mal'Ganis; Upon taking the Frostmourne, Arthus gave his soul completely to the Lich King for which he was transformed into a Death Knight.


Origin of the Frostmourne

Two assumptions are known about what is the origin of the Frostmourne; one assures that the sword was projected by Ner'zhul and another that it was all thanks to someone from the Burning Ledion (surely, Kil'jaeden). Tichondrius assures that King Examine was responsible for the sword, however, this does not make much sense.

On the other hand, it was Ner'zhul himself who notified Arthas how and where to find the Frostmourne; It is considered that Tichondrius did not wish in any way to speak about the Burning Legion in the presence of Arthas, since it is most likely that the same sword was carried by a person of said legion and that soon after, Kil'jaeden managed to move it towards the place for unknown reasons.

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More details

Currently we can say that the origin of the Frostmourne it continues without being truly resolved; Through different sources, the fact that it was taken by the Legion and not by Ner'zhul as had been stated on other occasions has been disclosed:

Frostmourne is an artifact of great evil and tremendous power, forged by demons to maintain the Lich King's powers. Ner'zhul drew the sword from the Ice Throne and hatched a plan for Arthas to find it. Desperate for any power to help him defeat the Scourge, the arrogant prince took possession of the runesword, sealing his fate just as Ner'zhul had planned.

Within the part of the WotLK plot, it is also related to the fact that said Frostmourne is found before the Ner'zhul; Then we let you read a fragment that refers to the aforementioned:

“The spirit of Ner'zhul was chained to ancient armor and bound to the mighty sword Frostmourne. To ensure Ner'zhul's obedience, Kil'jaeden sealed the armor and sword within a very special block of ice brought from the distant Twisting Nether.

What is the Curse of Frostmourne like?

Frostmourne it possesses the ability to somehow drain the life of those from whom it is taken, as well as the essence of those with which it remains linked; on the other hand, King Examine has the peculiarity of hearing and observing among the person who carries the sword.

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Likewise, he will be able to communicate with the bearer telepathically, meeting from any plane in the distance. Said King will be able to use everything to harm the bearer. Lastly, it is important to remember that the sword is fully capable of taking the bearer's soul and then transferring it and then destroying it.

Also, it is said that as long as the carrier is located less than a mile from the Frostmourne, it will continue to have the management on your body without the affected person noticing. After such a distance, it is almost impossible for the sword to make any movement on the victim.

The Examine King is able to acquire seize the body that is in contact with him and the sword simultaneously; the soul will be eliminated once it is part of the Frostmourne Unless you decide to unilaterally bond with the Examine King. By accepting, the process will take place and remain that way for all eternity.

Sword Powers

Now, it is said that anyone who is capable of possessing said sword, will be able to obtain certain powers with which, by carrying out too much damage to the rival, the bearer, who will have thrown, may also suffer a large part of the pain generated.