Full screen photo of a contact during a call on iPhone - how do I do it?

Full screen photo of a contact during a call on iPhone - how do I do it?

The address book of a modern device is not just a phone book, but a fairly functional contact file that contains email addresses, links, social profiles, call options, and other information about people. At the same time, each entry can be accompanied by a photo of the subscriber.

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Using a photo or other image as a kind of avatar for each contact is quite convenient, as it will be used not only in the address book, but also when making calls, communicating via FaceTime, iMessage, SMS, etc. Installing custom images is pretty easy, and you can do it in different ways.

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Configure the display of a call in full screen

Starting with iOS 14, incoming calls on the iPhone are displayed as a banner by default. Naturally, in this case the photo will not be displayed in full screen.

However, if you wish, you can retrieve the calls in full screen. To do this, open the application. SettingsIr a Phone and select the menu Incoming calls.

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Check the checkbox Fullscreen.. After this, all calls will be displayed in full screen.

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How to take a photo of a contact when calling iPhone full screen

1. Open the app Phone, go to the tab Contacts and find the contact you want;

2. Click on "Edit". in the upper right corner to go to edit;

3. Above the contact's first and last name, tap «Add photo».;

4. Click on the button Select the photo. to select a photo from the Photo application, or take a photo from the device's camera by pressing the camera icon button;

5. Select a photo, scroll and zoom if necessary, select a filter and press «Done"..

Everything! Now when you make a call on your iPhone, the photo will be displayed in full screen.

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How to take a photo of a contact when calling the iPhone in full screen on a computer

1. Go to iCloud.com and authenticate with your Apple ID;

2. Go to appendix ContactsYour contacts must be in sync with iCloud. You can do this by following these instructions.

3. Select the desired contact and press "Edit".;

4. The only thing left to do is press «Add photo». (just drag and drop the desired image) from any folder on your computer to the window that appears and click Done.

Please note that in older versions of iOS Full screen display of contact photos is not supported when there is an incoming call. If, for example, on an iPhone with iOS 9 (or newer), the caller's photo is not displayed in full-screen mode, it is likely that the personal photos have been set as images too small. If this is the case, remove them and add new larger images.

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