G2A: How The Famous Game Key Buying Site Works

G2A: How The Famous Game Key Buying Site Works

G2A is, internationally, the most popular website among gamers dedicated to reselling CD keys, to redeem games on Steam, Origin, Uplay, and many other distribution platforms. If your intention is save When it comes to buying video games, G2A offers a series of tools that will help you choose the best deal wisely and save up to 70% on PC games (even the newly released ones). Although G2A is world famous, it may still have some questions. For this reason it is necessary to do clarity about how G2A works, how to buy and possible refunds in case of broken codes. By the end of this guide, I guarantee that you are completely familiar with G2A and how it works.

How G2A works

G2A is one of the most popular reselling keys (and more) official which, once purchased, will be placed on your profile on supported platforms (such as Steam and Origin). In this way, you can redeem the game and download it to your device. G2A prices are definitely baja compared to the competition, this is because there are numerous retailers who buy a large number of keys and then resell them on the well-known site, at a lower price. For this reason also in G2A there is a lot competitionand this causes the prices of the keys to go down even more.

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How to buy from G2A

Buying at G2A is very tailoredIt won't take up a lot of time and will guarantee you an optimal experience. Once you have entered the Official website from G2A, you will have at your disposal a huge catalog that includes:

  • Keys to the game
  • Gaming Accessories
  • Electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers
  • Gift Cards

You will then have free access to all our CATALOGUE to consult it and eventually choose your next purchase. However, to buy the different products within G2A you will have to create a account:

  • Within the official G2A page, click Enter the system
  • Choose if you want to register in Facebook, Google or Traves de e-mail

Check the reliability of the products

At this point you can continue with purchase of any product that interests you. After you have chosen the game you intend to buy it is good to check theauthenticityand what is can be activated in Italy. To check:

  • Click the button game intends to buy
  • On the screen that opens, check that under the name of the game is the writing Can be activated in: Italyand that the name of the game ends with Overseas hubs
  • If you scroll down the page, you will be able to evaluate all the ofrece reseller purchase available
  • Next to the title you will see the percentage of comments of the product, as well as see the comments of users who have already bought it

All sellers with 97% of opinions (or higher) and at least 5000 orders completed are reliable. Therefore, avoid retailers with the worst reviews and / or very few orders completed.

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Buy products

Go shopping purchases in G2A it is a very simple operation, and you can choose between different methods Payment.

  • Select, after proper verification, the product to buy
  • In the shopping cart click on Continue with payment
  • Select the payment method intends to use
  • Before finalizing the purchase you can choose if you want to activate the service or not G2A Plusthat provides the user with various and advantages (like free games every month and an additional discount on your purchases)
  • After selecting the payment method, click Pay and wait for the operation to complete

If you have purchased a key for a game, you will have to wait for e-mail to your specified address where you will receive the bar code which must be entered in the corresponding platform to obtain the game.

The key does not work, does not arrive or other problems

In case you have any problems with the key, such as if it does not work or if it does not arrive by email:

  • Go to the page related to your orders
  • To locate the order you have problems with
  • Click on the icon shaped like Red flag to contact the helpdesk

also can contact with assistance through dedicated page within the website.

G2A Pay

G2A Pay is an innovative service from the well-known site that allows you to obtain exclusive benefits and not depend on PayPal for the purchase of games. Do you have a PostePay but don't want to use PayPal? G2A Pay is an intermediation service managed by G2A itself that allows you to carry out financial transactions without sellers and buyers sharing sensitive data (credit card number, etc.). All you have to do is register your card in G2A Pay and use the service during payment. In addition, G2A Pay users can benefit from dedicated support, which provides a high-quality service. Its use è free for those who buywhile for sellers it offers a rate of 4% in every transaction.

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We can summarize all merits and defects from G2A so that you can fully understand whether the site is right for you.


  • good prices
  • G2A Shield, protect every purchase
  • G2A Pay, which allows you to use the cards without PayPal
  • Quick delivery of keys
  • Fast and dedicated assistance
  • Sellers with good feedback
  • Big offers


  • The site is only partially translated into Italian
  • Support is in English
  • In Italy it has less response than in the rest of the world
  • Some products such as Windows OEM keys are missing

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