Monster Hunter World: A brutal formula of fun

We invite you to enjoy the following article about Monster Hunter World, where you can find the most relevant information about this video game that is so striking and fun to play, especially if you like the action genre. What is Monster Hunter World about? It is the sixth game belonging to the Monster Hunter franchise created by…

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Diablo II: Story, levels, versions and much more

We invite you to enjoy the following article about Diablo II, a video game that has given users and critics a lot to talk about. What is Diablo II? It is nothing more than an action and role-playing video game that was created by Blizzard North and published through Blizzard Entertainment during…

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Bioshock: Game mode, characters, trophies and more

In this article about Bioshock you will find the different information you need to know in order to pass the level or win this role-playing video game, inspired by some survivors and other mutated humans, so we invite you to read and enjoy the following article. Bioshock, its market launch Unlike many video games, this one is…

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Dark Souls: one of the best games of its season

Despite being a video game of the last generation, it manages to meet many expectations, so we invite you to read about Dark Souls, in this article it manages to summarize all the aspects it covers, its origin and some tricks that will help you to overcome levels. What is Dark Souls about? If you like video games...

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God of War: A PlayStation Superstar

A series of video games that have managed to position themselves among the best PlayStation positions, we invite you to learn about it through our God of War article, where we will offer you all the history surrounding it and the tricks that will help you overcome levels quickly. God of War Its title in Spanish is God...

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The Last Of Us PC: Advances in the field of emulation

If you would like to try a video game full of human beings transformed into cannibals after a pandemic in the United States, we invite you to read the following article The Last Of Us PC, a great advance in the field of emulation, all the data you need to handle to play and download it to your computer. The …

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Plot, characters, development

If you are new to the video game world and you are looking for adventure and action, we recommend you read our next article Horizon Zero Dawn, where we will introduce you to a post-apocalyptic parallel world that you will love. What is Horizon Zero Dawn about? A Nora warrior named Aloy, in a futuristic-looking, post-apocalyptic world...

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Grand Theft Auto V: Storyline, Characters, and More

A well-known car video game that stands out from the rest due to its excellent graphics, we invite you to learn more about it through our article Grand Theft Auto V: plot, characters and much more, where we will give you all the most important information that you need to know about this saga. What is Grand...

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Fortnite: A video game that will no longer be free

If you have played Fortnite, you know what we are talking about, so we invite you to read the following article Fortnite: a video game that will no longer be free, where we will explain what all this movement is about. What is Fortnite? It was created in 2.017 by the company Epic Games for Windows, Android, MacOS, Xbox...

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What is battle royale, how they originated and much more

What is Battle Royale? How did they originate and much more

We want to invite you to enjoy the following article inspired by one of the best and most addictive video games of recent years, What is Battle Royale, how they originated and much more information that you will need when you start playing this iconic video game. What is Fortnite Battle Royale? Also known as battle royale, it is a video game…

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