Fallout 4 PC: Take Advantage of All Facets


We know that it is always tempting and useful to use some cheats in games that will help us overcome difficult missions and there are even players who cannot live without them, that is why today we will talk about Fallout 4 PC and the commands or cheats that you can use during the game, stay because you're in... READ MORE

Doom PC: The Best Tricks To Kill Demons


Doom for PC, released in 2016 in its PC version, has a series of commands and tricks that greatly alter the gaming experience. While it doesn't offer as many useful commands as other titles, we do have the classic God mode cheat and some other pretty cool ones you can use. TO … READ MORE

Mount & Blade: The Best Cheats and Commands For PC

Mount - & - Blade-1

Mount and Blade Warband, within this article we will be showing you all the cheats you should know, and remember that before starting with this, it is recommended to make a backup of your game to be able to use the cheats without damaging your process in the game while they are in use, so let's get started! Cheats and Commands… READ MORE

Croc 2 PS One: the best tricks of your video game


You are looking for cheats for Croc 2 PS One, then you are in the right place. In this article we will give you all the necessary recommendations to become the leader of this video game. Croc 2 PS One This game is the continuation of the initial version called Croc. Multi-world gameplay with environments… READ MORE

Grand Theft Auto San Andrea PC: The best tricks


You want to know some tricks and recommendations for Grand Theft auto san Andrea PC, then we invite you to read the following article, where we will give you all the details that interest you. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC This well-known game, especially by a Latin American public, is causing a lot of sensation in the world of gamers. … READ MORE

Grand Theft auto V PS4: Cheats and game codes


You are fans of Grand Theft Auto V PS4, today we are going to give you some recommendations and tricks so that you can obtain victory in a simpler way, keep reading so you can discover them. Grand Theft Auto V PS4 It consists of an improved application of the original GTA V game, included only for PlayStation 4. It has … READ MORE

Age of Mythology The Titans: Cheats, Keys and Much More


You want to know all the alternatives of the Age of mythology the Titans video game. Then don't stop reading the following post, where we will give you some tricks that will help you to adhere more to this fascinating game. Age of Mythology The Titans Considered to be a greatly expanded version of the original game, it is also believed to be one… READ MORE

Age of Empire 3: Cheats to get items


You are eager to get items and resources in Age of Empire 3, so don't lose your cool because in the next article we will give you all the tricks so you can get what you want. Age of Empire 3 The Age of Empire III as it is called in Spanish is a fun adventure game and… READ MORE

Starcraft PC: tricks and keys to win easily


If you want to know the cheats for Starcraft PC, you are in the right place. We will take you to know the fastest procedures to achieve stable progress, stay with us. Starcraft PC The updates of this game for computers also called Brood War, comes with a series of tools allowing players to … READ MORE

Clash of clans: The best tricks for Iphone

Get to know the Clash of clans tricks today, so you can defeat all your enemies in an easier way, so you can't miss it. Clash of Clans Those who participate in Clash of Clans constantly in the experiences of this game know very well the difficulties encountered to defeat the … READ MORE

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