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Email is an essential part of any communication today. It is very convenient to use, because you can instantly send your interlocutor a file in almost any format or receive an email. Establishing an email address is important and should be easy to use and reliable. So this article will help you to know about

Google mail: a preliminary step

Using this mailbox is easy. To enter the server, you have to register your own Google account. In this article, we will describe how to access the mailbox. We will also tell you how to set it up and edit it in the future and how to secure your gmail account.

If you haven't set up your own Google account yet, proceed to register it. Then come back to this page to learn how to successfully sign in and set up your gmail address.

Causes of difficulties accessing email

After creating your own account, the server will automatically authorize you. That is, you will enter your saved gmail mailbox at the same time. However, to use it successfully, you have to go in and out of your own mailbox each time to secure your correspondence. It's especially important to log in and out of gmail if you're not logged in from your own computer (for example, at work).

Since there are people who have trouble getting into their Google mailbox, we wonder what exactly it is. We test a wide variety of computer hardware and also work with completely different programs. But we did not have any difficulties: we connect to mail from any device as standard. Based on this experience, we concluded that perhaps some steps were not playing correctly.

Sometimes incoming users do not distinguish between emails from and The first is from Google, the second is from a completely different server. So you have to make sure that it is the saved Google mailbox that you are trying to access. Also, sometimes the interface of the mailbox changes, which also causes some difficulties when trying to connect. But in reality, you have to abstract from the appearance of the service, since everything happens in a standard way, despite the update of the interface.

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The gmail mailbox: how to enter and exit?

If you want to use mail and enter your gmail mailbox, do the following

  • open the internet server;
  • select the “Login” button (it is in the upper right corner);
  • enter your personal "username" (actually your email address) in the field provided. Click the "Next" button;
  • A box will then open to enter your password. Enter the password and click "Login".

If you need to sign out of gmail, look in the top right corner of the page. There you will see your own photo. Tap on it and click on the “Logout” menu that appears.

Google email setup

Today there are very practical features in the mail (interface, way of working) that you will undoubtedly want to change as you wish. For example, you have the possibility to create a permanent signature, change the appearance of shortcuts or choose a different theme for the appearance of your mail.

To change gmail settings, do the following: look at the top right corner of the page. There you will see an icon of a gear. Click on it and click on “Settings”. This is where you have the opportunity to transform and change the category you want.

Attach contacts

Google Mail contains a very useful feature. You can create, save and access your contacts in a specially created address book. This function allows you not to fill your head with all the email addresses of your contacts. You can also enter additional information for your contacts. For example, your mobile phone number, your date of birth or your address.

If you decide to add a contact:

  1. In the server dropdown menu, click on “Contacts”.
  2. When the contacts page appears, select “New Contact”.
  3. Enter the name and email of the person you want to add there. Remember that you also have the option to enter other information. Any changes in gmail are saved automatically.

To enter and change contact details:

  1. In the settings menu line on the left, click on “My contacts”.
  2. Select the contact you want to make changes to.
  3. You then have the option to create any changes to the contact information.

It is also worth noting that if you send an email to an email address unknown to the system, the server can automatically put the corresponding address in your contacts. By selecting "Contacts" you can easily add changes to that contact's information.

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Transfer email and contacts

Perhaps you have a list of contacts already made in another email account? But mechanically importing each individual contact takes too much time? Then this montage is for you. Google Server Mail offers a feature that allows you to transfer your contact list from almost any other email inbox. It also allows you to import all your correspondence.
It is easy to transfer emails and contacts from Yandex, But it is also possible to do it from other emails. For it:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the gmail page. Log in and click on “Settings”.
  2. Select the “Accounts” category. Check mail from other accounts (using POP3). By following the instructions on the setup screen, you can easily transfer contacts or emails.

gmail email security

If you think that you are an ordinary person, a simple user and that no one will want to access your email, that no one will violate it, you are very wrong. Today there are a large number of crackers who hack your mail for their own benefit. Certainly, if your mail is used solely for domestic correspondence with friends, there is nothing to worry about. But for mailboxes that are linked to other important accounts, especially financial ones (such as Webmoney), you need to make sure you protect your own mailbox and tools from being accessed by anyone. Many servers allow you to link important personal pages to your mobile phone number. However, most of them are still in sync with your email address.

In case you value outgoing information that is synced with your “mail” and want to prevent gmail hacking, you need to set up your mailbox properly. Go to “Settings” (upper right corner after clicking on the cogwheel):

  • First make sure that the "Use http only" option is selected in the "General" panel. If there is no output checkbox, you must check it. This is to ensure that the data originates in encrypted form. If it is not verified and you use email in a public place with free Wi-Fi access, there is a risk that intruders intercept unencrypted data and can access email;
  • those using email clients will be forced to change the connection type setting from simple to secure (TLS). You need to click the secure connection type in the connection settings panel and change the POP port from 110 to 995, and the SMTP send port from 25 to 465. Normally the ports will change on their own after clicking the TLS connection;
  • For those who do not use mail programs, it is convenient to disable this function: go to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” panel and check the “Disable POP” and “Disable IMAP” boxes;
  • Double authentication must be activated. Their presence serves to distinguish Google Mail from mailboxes on other servers. Once double authentication is configured, you will have to enter a password sent as an SMS to your mobile phone number in order to access your mailbox. This significantly increases the security of your email account.
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How can I enable two-step email authentication?

For that:

  • you have to enter the “Accounts and Import” panel, and click on “Change password recovery settings”.
  • On the checkout page, enter your personal mobile number. You can also specify another email to recover your forgotten password (linking another email isn't exactly secure either, so I recommend not linking it);
  • click on “Other Google account settings”;
  • On the page that appears, in the Security branch, click "Change" two-factor authentication. In the new window, select the option “Proceed with the configuration”;
  • personally enter your real mobile number in the initial field. You will receive SMS messages from Google with confirmation codes. In case your phone number is already synced with your account, skip this field as the number will already be there;
  • Select the "Trusted Computer" option. It allows you to enter the confirmation code from the selected computer only once every 30 days.

Thus, you have enabled two-factor authentication!

App passwords

After two-step authorization setup, any apps that used your Google page username and password will no longer work. You will get an error message saying "Invalid username or password". To make them work as before, you have to generate and change the passwords of your applications. To do this and have the passwords saved, proceed as follows (after two-step authentication)

  • click "Create passwords" or the link: ;
  • on the page, enter the password name you want;
  • click on “Create password”. The creation wizard will give you the password. It must be the one you saved, as it cannot be recovered. It will only be issued once. Naturally, you can change it later to a password that you have invented yourself. The name is irrelevant. Works with any app;
  • and enter this password into the app, substituting your Google Page password name for it.

Enjoy it!