Google Visual Bookmarks: Official Bookmark Manager Extension

Google Visual Bookmarks: Official Bookmark Manager Extension

Visual bookmarks in a browser are comfortable and practical, not in vain several browsers have integrated tools for this type of bookmarks, in addition there are many third-party extensions, plug-ins and online bookmarking services. And the other day Google launched its own bookmarks manager as a Chrome extension.

As is often the case with Google products, the featured product has some browser bookmark management features that are lacking in the counterparts, so I suggest taking a look at what is offered to us.

Installation and use of Google Bookmark Manager

You can install Google visual bookmarks from the official Chrome store here. Immediately after installation, the management of bookmarks in your browser will change slightly, let's take a look. Unfortunately, the extension is only available in English at the moment, but Russian is sure to appear soon.

First of all, when you click on the "star" to bookmark a page or site, you will see a pop-up window where you can customize the thumbnail that will be displayed (you can slide it left and right), as well as add the bookmark to a folder that you define in advance. You can also click the "See all bookmarks" button, where you can manage folders and other things as well as view them. You can also access visual bookmarks by clicking "Bookmarks" in the bookmarks panel.

Keep in mind that when you see all your bookmarks, there is an automatic folders option (it only works if you are logged into your Google Chrome account), in which Google, according to its algorithms, classifies all your bookmarks in thematic folders that it automatically creates (quite successful from what I see, especially for English sites). At the same time, your folders in the bookmarks panel (if you have created them yourself) do not disappear, you can also use them.

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In general, 15 minutes of use suggests that this extension has a future for Google Chrome users: it is safe because it is official, it synchronizes your bookmarks between all your devices (as long as you log in with your Google account) and it is quite easy to use .

If you decide to use this extension and you want the visual bookmarks that you have added to be shown immediately when you start the browser, you can go to the Google Chrome settings and check the "Next pages" option in the initial group settings, and then add the page Chrome: //markers/ - This will open the Bookmark Manager interface with all bookmarks in it.