How to change the WiFi signal strength

We have all been using the Internet for many years and now that we have a laptop, it is even easier to use it at home or even on the road. You can easily connect to the Internet in just a few seconds with a wireless connection, no matter where you are. It can also keep your laptop protected from potential damage… READ MORE

Change Wifi of the Alexa device

There's an advanced feature built into Alexa, allowing you to make the switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet as needed. This is very useful if your current network has been down for a long period of time. It also allows you to switch from a wireless network to an unlicensed radio band network or… READ MORE

How to access your router The IP address allows you to reach your ADSL router. If you need to enter the router with a computer, you can type in your browser and press enter. You can browse the rest of the article to find access information. You can find the username and passwords needed to access the … READ MORE

Open TP Link ports

If you have a TP Link router and want to get the most out of your Internet connection, you should know how you can open TP link ports. For that reason, we will show you in a quick and easy way how you can open them, so that you can direct the traffic from those ports to a specific computer. [amazon bestseller=”router” items=”4″] Steps… READ MORE

Open ports Livebox Orange

If you want to have a better Internet connection for online gaming, it is essential to open Livebox Orange ports. Currently, there are several models of Livebox routers that Orange has, so you will learn how to open the ports in a general way. How to open the ports of my Livebox 2.1 router? There are 2 ways to open the… READ MORE

How to limit WiFi to devices and users

Most of us pay an amount of money every month to the internet service provider. In some cases this service is expensive. Some neighbors may want to take advantage and connect to our network. So it is necessary to limit WiFi to some electronic devices. [amazon bestseller=”wifi” max=3] It can also happen that we have … READ MORE

how to open ps4 ports

PlayStation 4 console is one of the best equipment for video games and if you want to maximize your entertainment you will have to open Ps4 ports. Thus, you can count on a better Internet connection to play online with all your friends. To use the online game mode, you will need to have a connection to … READ MORE

Open Xbox One ports

If you have an Xbox One video game console, the ideal is that you can open Xbox One ports to connect online and play in the multiplayer option. For that reason, today we will quickly and easily indicate the steps so that you can do it without any problems. Steps to open... READ MORE

Access the Alejandra portal

If you have bought a Movistar router, it is important that you know how to access the Alejandra portal in order to configure it. For that reason, today we will give you the access data to the Alejandra portal and we will show you how easy it is to configure your router. To begin with, you should know that the Alejandra portal is the one that allows you … READ MORE

How to improve Ping in Video Games

Ping is an important thing in the gaming world as it is highly correlated with latency and delay. Ask any competitive player and they'll tell you it can be a nightmare. It's a total game breaker! That is why we have created this guide on how to lower ping on PC… READ MORE

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