Useful hotkeys for YouTube in a computer browser

Useful hotkeys for YouTube in a computer browser

YouTube Everyone loves YouTube, but not everyone knows about the hotkeys that make watching videos so much more convenient. Shortcuts work with any video file and anywhere, both on the YouTube site and on any web page on the net. The best shortcuts are as follows.

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YouTube hotkeys

K – Pause/Resume. Most people hit the space bar. In principle, it is even more comfortable than looking for the letter "K" on the keyboard. But there is a serious drawback: sometimes, after pressing this key, a completely different shortcut is activated, “page down”. But if you press "K", nothing will happen except stop or resume the video.

M – Silence. No need to search for the familiar speaker icon with the mouse, the first letter of the word is enough to execute/cancel the Mute command.

F – Full screen mode. No more double clicking on the screen: just press the F button (again, the first letter of Full Screen) to enter Full Screen mode.

J – To rewind the video for 10 seconds. Have you missed something? You don't have to search for a lost moment in the video with the cursor. Look for the “J” button on your “keyboard” and make your life easier.

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Left “Arrow” – Rewinds the video 5 seconds. Suitable for those for whom going back in time 10 seconds is too much.

L – Advances 10 seconds of video.

Right “Arrow” – Advances the video 5 seconds.

0 (zero) – Play the entire video from the beginning.

Numbers 1-9 – Displays one of nine video segments. You probably didn't know, but YouTube divides each video into nine equal parts of equal length, regardless of the length of the video. Skipping from one part of the video to another is a great way to jump directly to the end, beginning, or middle of the video to find what you're looking for more quickly.

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How to make a quick gif on any YouTube video

You just have to put the word youtube in the address bar the word "Gif". The beginning of the URL will look like this If everything is done correctly, it will take you directly to a special page where you can create a gifka. Select the start time of the gifka and then the end time. You can send the finished file to your favorite social network or insert it into a post on your blog.

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