How to access network resources from iPhone and iPad

How to access network resources from iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad, in addition to being among the most popular devices on the market, represent excellent tools for managing office work. In fact, in most cases, in the places mentioned, there are some FTP servers, file servers or NASwhere you can make backup copies and save your most important and sensitive files. Thanks to some iOS options and third-party applications, you can use your iPhone and iPad to connect to these servers and thus be able to access your content even when you are out of the office. Let's see how to do it right now.

How to access an FTP (or FTPS) server from iPhone and iPad

Let's start the guide with the best tool to connect your iOS device to an FTP (or FTPS) server. The application in question is "FTPManager - FTP Client, SFTP".available for free at App Store.

Inside it you can see and download all local files, divided by folders, marked as favorites or shared through iCloud. In the section "Conexión" you can also configure your account dropbox to also check all the documents saved in the same service. To add a new server, just click on the icon "+" at the top right of the main screen and enter all the necessary parameters to configure an FTP (or FTPS) server.

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How to access a WebDAV server from iPhone and iPad

As for WebDAV servers, we recommend an application that is certainly less aesthetic, but free and very good in terms of stability. His name is "My WebDAV." and can be downloaded directly from App Store. Setting up a new server is absolutely super easy and affordable for everyone.

  • Open the WebDAV application
  • Press "+" lower center
  • Enter the necessary parameters for the server configuration (name, URL, username and password)
  • Confirm with "Done" up to the right

From now on, all files on the server can be opened and managed by selecting the server name on the home screen.

How to access an SMB server from iPhone and iPad

Even easier is the connection to an SMB server, or file exchange with Windows or Mac. In this case, you will not need to download any application, since everything can be completely configured from the application. "Archive" of iOS. But before seeing all the steps to follow, we invite you to retrieve the IP address of the computer you are connecting to.which is required to complete the setup.

  • Open the application "Archive" on an iPhone or iPad
  • Select the tab "Browse"
  • Click on the icon of a circle with three dots on top
  • Continue with "Connect to the server"
  • Add the previously retrieved IP address
  • Conclude with "Connect" top

At this time, all shared files will be available in the tab "Browse" and, specifically, under the section «Positions».

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