How to enable AirPlay on iPhone

How to enable AirPlay on iPhone

Selection of the device to transmit

By default, AirPlay is activated on all iPhones, since it is an integral part of the device and is closely linked to the wireless modules. The same cannot be said for devices that act as receivers, be it a macOS computer or an apple TV set-top box, where the feature must be activated manually.

    1. To take advantage of the content transfer technology in question, you must first activate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which directly depends on the capabilities of the device in question, and connect. As a general rule, it is better to use Wi-Fi as the primary means of data transfer, since in this case the quality of the image and sound will be practically not affected.
    2. Once you've figured out how to enable and connect devices within the same network, you can start connecting. The main place you can control AirPlay from is the control point that opens when you swipe the screen from the bottom edge (iPhone with Touch ID) or from the top right corner (iPhone with Face ID).
    3. If you want to stream music or generally anything other than the screen itself, tap the gray icon in the top right corner of the player thumbnail and select the desired device from the popup window. Please note the icons indicating the type of device and the names of the items, because wireless headphones will also be listed.
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    1. Similarly, you can start streaming to compatible devices on the same network using the button marked on the screenshot "Screen Replay". If the connection has been successfully established, the selected gadget will display an exact replica of the iPhone, allowing you not only to see the action, but also the content with automatic sound transmission.
    2. In addition to the checkpoint, you can select your AirPlay device for streaming in virtually any app, whether it's Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube. In all cases, which we will not describe for obvious reasons, it is enough to find the technology brand icon or a similar element and select the appropriate gadget from the list.

AirPlay can be used not only on Apple devices equipped by default with the desired technology, but also on a Windows computer, using programs such as 3uTools or LetsView. This option is worth mentioning because most of the time errors occur during such a connection, which can only be resolved by switching to a wired connection.

Automatic connection

The need to connect the devices using the methods described above can cause a lot of inconvenience if, for example, you often watch videos from your iPhone on your Apple TV. You can resolve this issue by enabling previously used devices to automatically connect as soon as they are detected.

To do this, open the system "Settings". Ir a "Basic". and select «AirPlay and Handoff». Here, in turn, you have to display the parameters "Auto-AirPlay on TV" and set the value to "Car"..

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The changes made will be saved automatically, as you can easily check by activating the AirPlay function on the previously used TV. However, please note that disabling the connection on the mobile phone itself may prevent automatic connection in the future.