How to activate comments on YouTube

How to activate comments on YouTube

Option 1: Computer

On a PC, you can edit the settings for multiple downloads at the same time or just one.

Method 1: Modifying the dough

The settings made in the following instructions will be applied by default when new videos are uploaded.

    1. Click on the channel image and open "Creative study"..

    1. In the side menu, click the button "Settings".that has the icon of a gear.
    2. Ir a "Community". and open the tab "Default settings"..
    3. On the list. «Comments on the new videos» select any of the first three options. For example, you can enable the forced sending of spam and other unwanted messages for moderation.

  1. Do the same for the channel discussion. The settings are different for live broadcasts: chat cannot be disabled, but you can check a box to manually check for suspicious messages. When done, press "Save"..

Method 2: Video Editing

YouTube offers channel owners the ability to allow viewers to comment not only on all videos, but only on some of them.

    1. Click on your profile picture and then - "YouTube Creative Studio".
    2. Go to the tab "Content". (second button from the top in the side menu).
    3. Use the check boxes to mark the videos whose comment options you want to modify. You can also select all videos by checking the box at the top of the form. Then click "Change"..
    4. Select a setting "Comments".
    5. Open the drop-down list to see more supported values.
    6. Select the most appropriate action. We recommend selecting "Submit Potentially Unacceptable Comments for Verification"to prevent spam from instantly appearing in the comments under the video.
    7. Apply the new settings by clicking «Save changes»..
    8. Check the box. "I am aware of the consequences of this action" and use the button with the same name as in the previous step.

      Keep in mind. The speed at which the settings are applied depends on the number of videos selected. Once you start a bulk change, you cannot stop it, but you can change the settings again when the process is complete.

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Option 2: mobile phone

Management of the availability of comments is possible through a separate application – YouTube Creative Studio, there is no such function in the regular mobile client.

  1. Through the control panel, navigate to the uploaded video. If you are not in the recent list, use the button "Plus".to see more content.
  2. Tap the pencil icon at the top of the screen to start editing.
  3. Swipe right to open a tab "Advanced settings" tab or click on their name.
  4. Turn the toggle switch "Allow comments" to the active position.

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