How to activate Microsoft Office 2021

How to activate Microsoft Office 2021

With the arrival of the new Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft has also released its latest version of the Office suite: Microsoft Office 2021, which obviously joins the Office 365 service (which is, however, by subscription). In fact, thanks to the Office suite it is possible to acquire a single license, and therefore perpetuates (forever). This is the reason why many users (private or commercial) prefer it by far compared to the 365 counterpart. Here's how to activate Microsoft Office 2021 by purchasing a license.

Office 2021: all the news

As the dedicated page on Microsoft's official website says, in Office 2021 there are new tools for inking, data types, functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics, easy-to-use features, and much more. To know all the news, we recommend that you take a look at our dedicated in-depth study, where you will also find a guide on how to download office 2021:

Where to buy Office 2021

Many providers obtain licenses ESD to through partnerships with Microsoft which, under their EULA agreements, would not allow resale. However, in Europe it is legal to resell these licenses and if browsing the Internet you find one that is especially cheap, then you should know that these licenses could be revoked by Microsoft (They are not 100% secure, you cannot open your own Microsoft account).

Fortunately, there are very famous platforms like Mr Key Shop They certainly need no introduction. On this site it is possible to find licenses Office ESD totally safe, which are completely genuine and therefore not revocable. They obviously cost a bit more than the Windows licenses mentioned above, but you can almost always find them at a discount.

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How to activate Microsoft Office 2021

After downloading Office 2021 and obtaining a valid license key, we can continue with the installation and activation of the software. In case you have an installation CD, all you have to do is insert it into your PC and wait for the automatic installation wizard to start. At some point you will be asked to enter license code you received (at home or by email, depending on where you bought it).

If you have downloaded the image file, the procedure is still very simple: if you have a Windows PC, for example, just click with the right button in the .ISO file you just downloaded and select «mounts»And create a virtual disk in C: / on my computer. At this point, simply double-click this disc, just as you would a DVD: here you can begin the installation by clicking on the “install.exe” icon (or similar) and then follow the steps shown in the screen. To delete the virtual disk later to install Office, right click on it and click «Expel«.

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