How to change the Google Play Store password

How to change the Google Play Store password

Option 1: Change your password

Google offers its users to register an account for all its services, which makes it impossible to change the password for just one of them. The same goes for Play Market, which is the official and largest catalog of applications and games for Android, where they can be downloaded and purchased. Articles on the topic of changing your unique profile password are now available on our website.

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Option 2: Account recovery

However, if you want to change the password for an account that you cannot access, the instruction is different.

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Option 3: Profile change

You can simply access a profile with a different password and use it on Google Play and other services of this corporation. The old account can be deactivated in the mobile phone settings.

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Keep in mind. If you simply connect to another account, nothing happens the old way: it stays on Google. Keep this in mind if you lose access to your profile but do not want to restore it.

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