How to change Supercell id email?

How to change Supercell id email? For people who are fans of Clash of Clans, it is possible to enjoy new elements that will help you achieve better results. You will not only be able to change email from Super Cell ID, but also to link several devices to enjoy the game without the slightest restriction.

First it is important to explain that ID Supercell is the possibility that the creators of Clash of Clan They provide users to change villages. This is possible with the exchange of emails and electronic equipment that facilitate such activity.

Given all this update, it is important to remember that the SuperCell email can only be changed once. The other times people will be subjected to a questionnaire to find out what is happening within the platform and with the users in question.

Change Supercell ID Email

It is not only important to get or change SuperCell email at some point to get benefits. The page also tries to decrease the erroneous consumption of hackers who want to destroy the main reason for the game.

Thanks to technological advancement and everything the electronic games industry has done, we now have more possibilities to enjoy any entertainment within the reach of a click.

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How do I change my SuperCell ID email?

In the settings section you will have several options available to be able to modify, change or delete your Super Cell accounts. From there you will start the email change process within the platform.

  • You must choose the button: log out of Supercell
  • Then you can create a new ID with your email
  • You can also change the current one by selecting the tab: user modification

Once you have finished with the previous steps, you will welcome everything that Supercell has for users who love Clash of Clans.

Other tricks of Supercell

Not only in this interface you can change your email and enjoy the action to open different accounts. In this sense, users regardless of operating systems that develop have the chance to bond.

Linking for Clash of Clan from Apple and Android

When users want to join forces and have different operating systems, it will not matter in any way because Supercell has the ability to remove these barriers.

Now the application allows prizes, games and tools to be transferred between users through its platform. This is certainly a huge breakthrough within the gaming industry.

Add multiple Supercell ID accounts

Another important point within this page is to be able to enjoy the appearance of several accounts for personal interest. These types of items will provide a giant leap forward for people who want to earn some profit have more opportunities.

Before this type of actions was not allowed but today, the creation of Supercell ID has improved among all people.

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