How to rename in Zoom

How to rename in Zoom

Method 1: Official website

The first of the methods we are considering to change your name in the Zoom online conferencing system is to use one of the functions available in the personal account of the person registered with the service. The instruction is universal with respect to the OS used, but it is more convenient to do it on a PC than from a mobile device.

    1. Go to the following link to Zoom official website, click "INSCRIPTION"..Zoom's Online Conferencing Service Official Site
    2. Login to the service: enter your username (email) and password in the corresponding fields on the open web page and, if necessary "Captcha code".and then click on "Start the session.".

  1. Click on the link "Edit".which is located on the right in the area with your avatar in Zoom and the name currently active in the system.
  2. Enter in the fields "Name". и "Last name". new data.
  3. Click on «Save changes»,

    to complete the renaming procedure in the Zoom service.

Method 2: Zoom for Windows

Users of the Zoom desktop application have the ability to change their own name in the service at almost any time during operation. There are two variants of operation: choosing a "permanent" nickname by making changes to the profile data; change one's name during a conference - in this case, the specified name "will work" until the end of the individual session of communication with other service participants.

Option 1: Profile Settings

    1. Open Zoom for PC. Click on the icon "Gear".found on the right side of the screen tab "Principal" below your avatar.
    2. In the menu that appears. "Settings". go to section "Profile"..
    3. Click the button. «Change my profile».

  1. Executing the previous paragraph of the instruction will start the default web browser installed in Windows and will open the Zoom website in it. So to directly solve the problem mentioned in the article title, starting from point 2, perform the above instruction "Method 1"..

Option 2: Conference window

  1. Creating a new conference or joining an existing one, press the button "Participants". in the toolbar at the bottom of the window (appears when the mouse pointer is moved).
  2. Hover over your own name in the participant list, and then click the button that appears in the area it occupies "Advanced"..
  3. From the menu that appears, select "Rename"..
  4. Write the alias to be established for the duration of the conference in the box that opens and press "AGREE"..

Method 3: Mobile App

Zoom for Android and iOS in the aspect of working with your own profile data in the system are considered more convenient tools than the PC / laptop client. From a mobile phone, it is possible to select a name that is permanently displayed to other service members, making changes to the application settings. In addition, it is possible to select a temporary alias that will be displayed during a certain conference and until its completion.

Option 1: Profile data

  1. Open the Zoom mobile app, go to your "Settings".tapping the corresponding icon on the right side of the section bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap your own name at the top of the screen. Then in the list of options that appears, tap "Display name"..
  3. Successively clicking on the legend. "Name". и "Last name". In the window that appears, replace them with the desired ones. To complete the operation and save the data provided in the application, press "OKAY"..
  4. At this point, the problem raised in the article title is considered resolved: the name entered in the previous step will be valid in the service until you change it.

Option 2: Conference screen

  1. Start a new conference or join an already formed communication channel. In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, open the section "Participants"..
  2. Tap on your own name in the list that appears on the screen, and then tap "Rename". in the box that appears.
  3. Enter a new nickname in the box below and then tap "AGREE"..
  4. From this moment until the end of your participation, the other participants in the conference will be forced to identify you by the name indicated in the previous step.

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