How to Chat, Email, or Call Apple Technical Support from Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan

How to Chat, Email, or Call Apple Technical Support from Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan

Apple support staff can solve many user problems related to Apple ID account, use of company services, iTunes purchases, etc. At the same time, the most difficult thing is usually to contact the experts, especially if you live in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan or other countries of the former socialist camp, with the exception of Russia.

To make the following instructions and recommendations as clear as possible to the reader, we will examine the procedure for contacting Apple Technical Support using examples of concrete real-world situations that occurred to our readers in Ukraine and Belarus. The issue is discussed in the next two paragraphs, which you may wish to skip and proceed directly to contacting the support team. These instructions helped recover a total of $ 150 spent on the App Store for a ridiculous accident.

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The essence of the question that was raised

This is quite a common problem for novice users and parents entrusting their gadgets to children. A child or non-English speaking user accidentally clicks on a link (such as a Facebook ad or a game app) and then responds in the affirmative to all popup dialogs, thus accepting a premium subscription Payment in a third-party application.

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What happens next? The user's account regularly receives an automatic charge of a certain amount of money (usually not insignificant) as long as there is enough money in the balance of the card linked to iTunes. Then Apple sends a notification that the card has been declined to make purchases on Apple services (in fact, it happens because there is not enough money to pay the debt), and its inattentive owner stops using the account to avoid paying the debt. resulting.

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How to cancel a subscription and cancel a debt

You can delete an accidentally activated subscription from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or through the desktop version of the iTunes application. In this article you will find detailed instructions on how to cancel paid subscriptions.

Preventing money from being spent in the future is certainly a good thing, but ideally, recovering the money that has already been deducted from your account. There is a refund form that you can fill out according to these instructions, but it is primarily for one-time iTunes purchases and not permanent subscriptions, and is only valid for 90 days from the payment date.

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Contact Apple Support by phone or chat from Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan

The most effective way to solve a problem of this type (as well as many others) is to call the helpdesk, which can be done by any Russian citizen using the telephone number that appears on the official website of the company. But for residents of neighboring countries, a tambourine dance begins here, since Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other "Russian-speaking" countries are not on the list. At the same time, Apple determines the geolocation of site visitors and does not allow access to chat support.

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By Apple's logic, a Ukrainian, Belarusian or Kazakh should not experience discomfort when contacting the company's Russian helpdesk division, but in practice such a call often costs the user more than the price of the question. Why? They will not be able to help you quickly: first you will have to wait for you to connect with the required specialist, then they will ask you to provide the details of the problem and then they will ask you to identify yourself. The result: at least 20 minutes of international negotiations with not very cheap rates. At the same time, a Russian citizen can request a free call to Apple with one click.

Of course, you can take advantage of civilization, like VPN services and virtual phone numbers. Here we tell how to create a virtual Russian number using the example of the Yandex.Telefoniya service. However, this procedure is too complicated and expensive for an inexperienced user.

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How to email Apple support

It is also possible to write to the support team by email (this is the best option for Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan users), but it is not easy to find it on your own. Also, this option does NOT work on Apple's Russian website. Studying almost the entire map of Apple's support site, we have found the following path legally and with the guarantee of being able to contact Apple support from any country:

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1. Go to the Apple support site and at the top right select "Contact the helpdesk".;

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the footer we will see that the current version of the Apple website is open for Russia, click on registration "Russia".to change;

3. At the bottom of the opened page, choose a country for yourself United States (USA);

4. Again requesting the help of the calibrators - «Contact the helpdesk». at the top right of the screen;

5. Low. "Speak with us". Blow . «Seek help».

6. On the next screen, the system may again not believe that you are in the United States, force the states again, and if necessary confirm the location by tapping United States;

7. Select a category "Apple ID".;

8. Go to the subcategory iTunes Store & App Store;

9. Click on the article «Purchase and download of content»;

10. Voilà! Among the communication methods with the support there is an option "Email".;

11. In the letter creation form you must specify your true country of residence, the list now includes Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. (press the button Others and select a country).

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What to write to Apple Support in the United States and in what language

It is not necessary to have a perfect knowledge of English to communicate with Apple's helpdesk experts, in our case the translator was Google Translator, and the essence of the resource was that a 7-year-old boy had made a paid subscription by mistake . It is said that the letter is answered in 48 hours (in fact it is faster), our claim was considered and the money was returned in full.