How to check NFC on iPhone

How to check NFC on iPhone

NFC is an extremely useful technology that has been integrated into our lives thanks to smartphones. For example, your iPhone can be used as a tool Payment at almost any store that has a cashless payment terminal. The only thing left is to make sure that this tool on your smartphone works properly.

Checking NFC on iPhone

iOS is quite a limited operating system in many respects, and the same is true of NFC. Unlike Android devices, which can use this technology, for example, for instant file transfer, on iOS it only works for contactless payment (Apple Pay). In this sense, the operating system does not offer any option to verify the NFC functionality. The only way to verify that this technology works is to set up Apple Pay and then try to make a payment in store.

Set up Apple Pay

  1. Open the standard Wallet app.
  2. Press the plus icon in the upper right corner to add a new bank card.
  3. In the next window, select the button "Next"..
  4. The iPhone will activate the camera. You will need to fix your bank card with it so that the system automatically recognizes the number.
  5. When the data is detected, a new window will appear in which you must verify that the card number you have recognized is correct, as well as enter the name and surname of the holder. When done, select the button "Next"..
  6. You will then need to enter the expiration date of the card (indicated on the front), as well as the security code (a 3-digit number printed on the back). After logging in, click the button "Following".
  7. Information checking will start. If the data is correct, the card will be linked (in the case of Sberbank, a confirmation code will also be sent to the phone number; you will have to enter it in the corresponding field on your iPhone).
  8. When the card pairing is complete, you can proceed to check if the NFC works. Today, almost all stores in the RF that accept bank cards support contactless payment technology, which means you won't have a problem finding a place to test the feature. On the spot, you must indicate to the cashier that you are making a cashless payment, after which the terminal will be activated. Launch Apple Pay. You can do it in two ways:
    • On the locked screen, double-tap the home button. Apple Pay starts, and then you are asked to confirm the transaction using your passcode, fingerprint, or facial recognition.
    • Open the Wallet app. Tap the bank card you want to pay with, and then confirm the transaction with Touch ID, Face ID, or the access code.
  9. When a message appears on the screen «Bring the device to the terminal»When you touch the terminal with your iPhone, you will hear a distinctive sound indicating that the payment has been made successfully. It is the signal that tells you that the NFC technology of your smartphone is working properly.
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Why is Apple Pay not processing a payment?

If a payment fails to test NFC, you should suspect one of the reasons that may have caused this malfunction:

  • Defective terminal. Before thinking that your smartphone is to blame for not being able to pay for your purchases, you must assume that it is the cashless payment terminal that is faulty. You can check this by trying to make a purchase in another store.
  • Conflicting accessories. If a tight-fitting case, magnetic holder or other accessory is used on the iPhone, it is recommended to remove all of them completely, as they can easily prevent the payment terminal from picking up the signal from the iPhone.
  • System failure. The operating system may not work properly, so you will not be able to pay for your purchase. Just try restarting your phone.

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  • Card connection failure. The bank card may not have been linked the first time. Try deleting it from the Wallet app and re-linking it.
  • The firmware is not working properly. In rarer cases, it may be necessary to completely reinstall the phone. You can do it through iTunes, previously putting the iPhone in DFU mode.

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  • The NFC chip has failed. Unfortunately, this problem is quite common. It cannot be solved independently, only by contacting a service center, where a specialist can replace the chip.

With the arrival of NFC to the masses and the launch of Apple Pay, the life of iPhone users has become much more comfortable, because now it is not necessary to carry a wallet: all bank cards are already in the phone.

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