How to connect to eMule Kad (even without eMule server)

How to connect to eMule Kad (even without eMule server)

Despite the fact that eMule continues to be an important point of reference for downloading content from the web, the servers that serve it are disappearing little by little. However, many people do not know that there is a real alternative to this and that it is mainly based on the so-called "Red Kad"which is something perhaps more advanced than the classic server.

In fact, the Kad network turns each user into a kind of server for another. This means that if you access the eMule functions through Kad instead of the server, you will offer navigation to other users connected through Kad. Obviously, the same will apply to us. Having said that, Let's see how we can transfer the server connection to the Kad network..

Connect to eMule through the Kad network

Based on what we have discussed above, it is obvious that, to function, a Kad network needs the connection of several users. Specifically, this information is stored in a file called "Nodes.dat"which is already present in the latest versions of the eMule software.

To start browsing through the Kad network, you just have to proceed as follows.

  • Open the app "EMule" in the computer
  • Select the item "Kad" top left (next to "Connect")
  • Click on "Connect" top left (next to "Recheck the firewall")

At this point, you can navigate within eMule without any problem, using the "Search method" adjusted to "Red Kad".

In the event that, for some strange reason, the files "Nodes.dat" they don't return any results, you can configure everything manually.

  • Open the "EMule" in the computer
  • Select the item "Kad" top left (next to "Connect")
  • In the section on the right, enter in the field "Load 'nodos.dat' from URL:" one of the following links
  • Click on "Connect" top left (next to "Recheck the firewall")
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Doing so will correctly add all the information necessary to start browsing through the Kad network.

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