How to create a Hype account and receive a 10 euro gift

How to create a Hype account and receive a 10 euro gift

On several occasions we have talked about Hype , the most popular account card of the moment owned by Banca Sella, but we have never extended too much on how to create the account. This is because it is actually quite simple and fast even for those who are approaching recordings of this type for the first time. However, for one reason or another, someone could find themselves in difficulty, not only with data entry, but also with the collection of the $10 that the same service makes available to the new invited members. 

In this sense, to ensure that the sum of the aforementioned credit is made correctly, we invite you to use the links that you find in this article, since by doing so you will be officially "Invited" by us . Before starting the process, our advice is to have a valid personal document and the tax code at hand, as they will be necessary to finalize everything. In the event that you are a minor (but over 16 years old) you will also need the documents of one of the parents and their presence for authentication by photo. 

I will create a Hype account on the mobile phone

What we will need is only un mobile phone with internet connection in addition, of course, to the documents mentioned above. Actually the procedure can also be done correctly from a tablet or desktop interface, however it could be much more cumbersome and cumbersome. To request a Hype card it will not be necessary to download the application initially, on the contrary, a Once all the steps have been completed correctly, the same service will take you to the download page . 

We can start:

  • Access the registration page by clicking THIS LINK
  • Continue with "TO REGISTER" (blue button)
  • Enter all information related to identity and contacts 
  • Continue with "CONTINUE"
  • Add all the requested personal data and continue with the process
  • Choose whether to use only a virtual card or to also receive the physical one (we also recommend the physical one as it is free and necessary for withdrawals)
  • Continue by clicking the usual blue button below
  • Authenticate yourself by taking two photos of the document (front and back) and add a selfie of the clearly visible face with the same document used before next to it (the photo and passport data must be visible along with the face)
  • Proceed by accessing the following screen
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In this point, if you are a minor , you will need to enter the email address of a parent or guardian, so that the latter can authenticate and authorize your registration. The steps will be very similar to those listed above. 

  • Sign the contract with digital signature
  • Wait for the account to be activated

After about a day, you will receive a Hype email which will notify you of the successful creation of the account and will invite you to create a password to access the application (the email address will be the one indicated on the identity information page). In this point, to request the 10 euros welcome, It is enough to recharge the card for at least 1 euro and from the day of the recharge and within a week the promised 10 euros will be added (normally after 4/5 days).