How to delete a Facebook account without password and email?

You want to know How to delete a Facebook account without password and email? You simply don't want to continue with your Facebook account, and you decide to completely delete it. We are going to indicate the steps to follow so that you know how to delete a Facebook account without password and email?

How to delete your Facebook account?

It is good to clarify the difference that exists between deactivating a Facebook account, and deleting a Facebook account.

If you proceed to deactivate the Facebook account, you may be able to activate it again at any time you wish.

You will not be visible to people who can search for you, nor will they see your bio.

In the same way, certain information, such as the messages that you proceed to send if they can continue to be viewed.

The deletion of the Facebook account

Es possible to delete a Facebook account anytime. However, in order to do so, it must be connected to the system. So, when the email that links to the Facebook account is no longer in use, the account must be accessed. This as long as the correct password can be provided.

In the event that access to the primary email address is not possible, and the password is not remembered, you must first regain access to then be able to delete the Facebook account.

The steps to follow to delete a Facebook account without password and email.

To delete your account you must follow the following steps:

Log in to your account on the home page. There you will enter the invalid email address and write the password, press "enter"

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In the event that you do not remember the password then you must click where it says Forgot your password? And there enter the security code that appears in the image. Now press "send", and then press "I can't access my account". Now you must enter a new email address in the field that is being provided. And click "Send".

Next, you are going to click on the link that says "Enter security code." This is in the message that was sent to the new email address which is verification. There you will enter the security code that was sent to you by Facebook and press "Send".

In the event that you do not remember your security code, you will press the link that indicates "Recover your account through your friends" in the verification email. There, enter the names of three Facebook friends that you know in person and that you can call them by phone.

They will receive a code sent by Facebook that they must notify you

Enter the verification codes in the link in the Facebook follow-up email

Now wait 24 hours before logging in. Now reset the password in Forgot your password? E indicates that the link is sent to the new email address.

Now that you can access Facebook go to "Account" "Account settings" choose "Deactivate Account" in options.

Indicate the reason for the deletion, and select “Opt out of future emails from Facebook. Now press "Confirm". A) Yes Your Facebook Profile and all associated information will immediately be removed from this social network.

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